‘Look At That Girl’: High Etiquette From Multiple Rape Hell

Only 16% of sexual assaults on women were reported. It’s one of the sad truths he’s discovered Christina Araujo Jamir While he was documenting writing Look at that girlthat it A shocking and enjoyable start as a novelist that won him the 2022 Tusquets Prize. After media coverage of multiple rape cases, the writer wanted Focusing on the victim, on the accumulation of contradictory feelings that he suffers from Then this leads to trauma and serious psychological disorders in which fear, anger and guilt are mixed. And also the frightening and always judgmental look of others, of those who question and are responsible for highlighting the fragility of women’s testimony within the patriarchal system in which we live.

the hero of the story Look at that girl She is Miriam, a complex teenager (they call her La Gorda, La Boeuf, La Zampa) who tries to please those around her, and precisely because of her need to please, to fit into the environment in which he must humiliate her for having a non-standard body, and she will become an easy target for abusers. .

Araujo introduces us to his thoughts, before and after the attack, and also during it, when he is clogged and left in a state of shock, and enters his most intimate places, where the constant blame and the weight of self-condemnation dwell.

The seed of the novel comes from an article I read that explained the medical protocol that rape victims have to go through. In addition to all kinds of tests, ubiquitous explorations, and uncomfortable questions, in the following months, you must go through all kinds of treatments, including antiretrovirals, to avoid HIV infection. I was impressed that in addition to dealing with the psychological consequences, there were also physical consequences. A long and arduous road that seems endless and must be added to the trial, more explanations, media controversies and rumors about the environment itself. Perhaps that is why the percentage of complaints, ie 16%, is very low. But as the author says, it is a topic that exists in our daily lives and perhaps for this very reason it becomes a kind of taboo, because The person next to you may have been attacked and suffer in silence.

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Look at that girl Definitely reminds us of the state of La Manada (In fact, some of the pieces collected come from some data and documents extracted from those involved, such as the text messages they sent among themselves), but the excitement was by no means resorted to. The writer has the ability to immerse himself in the story in an extraordinary way of sympathy, approaching the relationships between young people from a semi-tangible., never self-pity because we also find doses of scathing sharpness through addictive, layered prose, direct and analytical in some cases because it’s so sensitive when it comes to capturing the characters’ lights and shadows. “In a way I was always very present when writing my adolescence. For some reason, I have this time very present, perhaps because everything is lived in a very intense and emotional way, either for better or for worse” Araujo explains.

In adolescence Christina there were no social networks, but in Look at that girl It becomes a staple according to the digital anxiety of our time. The writer wanted them to integrate intuitively. There are WhatsApps that are eagerly waiting to be answered, dating apps or Instagram’s prevalent photo culture. Because, after all, This is a novel about the microcosm of an institute that ends up revealing some of the evils of today’s society that are being communicated among young people.In terms of structure, Araújo wanted to experiment with the use of the second person, but also with a mixture of not only sounds, but also patterns and textures.And the So that we can find the trial texts, the statements of the accused, the thoughts of different characters, and frank explanations of the medical process that Miriam faces, so that the novel expands in the form of a melting pot without losing any perspective of what it is telling. . “The book has inspired me so much. Carol Joyce Oates my lovely sister, which imagines the murder case of the girl Jon Bennett Ramsay, who was a beauty queen. Never figured out who killed her, Oates uses this style as a collage in every chapter and I realized that this way of telling the story helped me make many layers without losing focus, it simplified things for me. I realize it’s something I’ve never experienced, that it’s out of my way of writing and that I might never use it, but it was a tool for this story’s benefit.

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Regarding the use of the second person, he cites as a reference neon lightsby Jay McInerney. “When I read it a long time ago, I thought I had read it in first-person, and it turns out I didn’t, it really caught my attention. For me it was a way of getting close to the character, with a certain distance, but without the third-person distance. I wanted to be in that medium that It also allowed me to talk about breaking up with her identity after the rape.

Look at that girl Not only does a new voice reveal to us, that of Cristina Araujo, but it also becomes an instant classic of our country’s contemporary novels.

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