Lluís Miquel Campos, composer of Mercadona, dies

There are few tunes more catchy than those of market series Mercadona. It reads “Mercado-o-na, Mercado-na,” the simple letter that sounds between the lines of the Valencian company. Just one word – and repeated – became the highest tune, epitome jingles Advertising. Its composer, Valencia Luis Michael Campos He passed away this Thursday at the age of 79.

Composed of barely twenty notes, it has been playing for nearly 40 years. The melody was recorded at the Tabalet de Alboraia studio, which was founded by the Valencian musician Luis Michael Campos. These studios, located in the heart of the Valencian groves, lived through their heyday, so much so that artists of such stature Maria del Mar Bonet or Pi de la Serra. They did before Lluís Miquel gave equal space to company beats, just not like those of MercadonaBut eg Famous also Ninoko.

In an interview with Levante-EMV, from the group Prensa Ibérica, in 2018, Luis Michael Campos He spoke on this famous topic: “We started doing auditions and didn’t like it at all. I went into the office alone and the first notes came to mind“ Mercado na, Mercado na ”… Something was missing, but then it just popped into my head “Market-o-na, Market-na”. We already got it. I took it to a pianist, and we recorded it and so far.”

the catchy tuneeven the subject of humorous memes circulating on social networks, was registered by Mercadona in 2014. This ToneShort melodies that serve to promote a product or brand and create a link between the company and the consumer are the appropriate way to recall short melodies that we hear daily.

Mimi about the melody of Mercadona.  LIFT-EMV

In fact, there could be few people in this country who didn’t know or didn’t complain before. Song Rebekah Joan Roig.

It was sung by a famous actress

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Among the other curiosities of this melody is the person who sings it: the Valencian actress What’s wrong with Garcia?who participated in such famous series as Tell me how it happened, the one who will come or the ladies (h) Ampa, among other hits. At the time, Mamen García was the singer of the group Patxinger Z. She was responsible for the vocals and recording of the song written by Lluís Miquel.

The year was 1986 when the tune was recorded, as Mercadona almost turned 40 years old. Since then, the tuning has not undergone any modifications, which indicates success Tonea tune that everyone quickly recognizes from the chain of supermarkets headed by Juan Roig.

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