Liz Truss, 45 days as “first president” and 130 thousand euros in annual pension

The UK’s outgoing prime minister, Liz Truss, because she lives in Downing Street, is entitled to claim expenditures of up to £115,000 (about €131,000), a concession that the opposition has already asked for, given his short stay in power.

The Public Services Cost Allowance (PDCA) emerged in 1991, after the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, so that the public treasury covers the expenses associated with the official activities of former leaders.

A pension is actually a compensation for expenses related to office or secretarial services. The government states on its website that “all former prime ministers” deserve this assistance, regardless of how long they have been in office or the circumstances of their departure.

Currently, a limit of 115 thousand pounds has been frozen since 2011 and authorized again for the period 2022-2023. If the beneficiary accepts another public job, then the rule provides for a review of the amount owed to him.

The Labor leader Keir Starmer He told the BBC that Truss “did not earn the right” to help, as he announced his resignation on Thursday after just six weeks in the job. Next week he will leave Downing Street and become the person who has held the position of Prime Minister in the United Kingdom for the shortest time.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Ed Davey, also considered that the outgoing leader could not receive a pension that, for ordinary citizens, only comes “after a working life.” “Many people Work at least 35 years Full pension,” he explained on LBC.

The latest available data, corresponding to the period 2020-2021, shows that both John Major as Tony Blair They demanded the state for the full amount. Gordon Brown asked for less than £115,000, David Cameron about 113,000 Theresa Maywho is still a deputy, about 57,000.

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