Liv-Connected and Atomic in the US build a house in four hours

arrive to Place of residence In the United States it is still a problem in some areas.

A proposal by Liv-Connected and Atomic in the US built a house in four hours. It is a customizable prefab home that can be Build in four hours. Atomic makes it possible in such a short time.

According to the Idealista portal, the result is Connexus A beautiful modular home, the first and only model launched so far, although another model by the name of Via is expected to soon be on the market. Conexus base, from At just over 45 square metres, this is a space that includes a bedroom and to which additional bedrooms and bathrooms can be needed.

essential element

The basic element of this new homes It is the selection process of housing properties by clients. Customers themselves can choose on the website from a variety of colors and materials for walls, siding, cabinets, countertops, and even floors.

Once the design is complete, the website will generate a PDF for the client and a work order for Liv-Connected. Buy one of our standard models Collaborate with us to design your dream home. Our architects and engineers can help you with the presentation, approval and placement of your home ” They explain Project makers according to Idealista.

Company goal

“Our goals for Conexus Home were to create a space that’s beautiful, affordable, and quick to do. Starting with our basic one-bedroom model, the home can be transformed to suit your needs.” The base model starts at $150,000.

Whatever you can think of

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The house is delivered with electrical appliances and is They can add “connecting” pieces to bedrooms and living rooms to expand the volume of the rooms. The entire design and production process can be completed within six months, and once the initial on-site work is done, the one-bedroom Conexus can be assembled in less than four hours.

For shipping, most of the items for the Liv-Connected house They can be stacked flat, saving money that would be spent on better materials and building materials. With this, in addition, waste and energy waste are reduced.

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