Literature | Ruthless Cormac McCarthy in five novels

“Son of God” (1973)

The third novel Cormac McCarthy He does not make money but gives very specific contours to the anti-American dream that runs through all his work. Man alone in the face of nature and society is capable of the worst, and yet there is no reason to judge him. McCarthy at least not.

“Bloodline” (1985)

Religion, sin, extermination of the indigenous population, which remains the original sin of the United States, and again man, “boy” in fact, is exposed to the violent laws of life as McCarthy understands them: martyrdom. An unsuitable western for John Wayne.

“On the Border” (1994)

The central narrative of “The Frontier Trilogy”. Set in the late 1930s in the McCarthyan region on the US-Mexico border, it’s not easy being young. A sad text by barren McCarthy standards.

No Country for Old Men (2005)

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Decades of border violence carried over to the present. To cut his veins were it not for human peer and lively little virgin “Sheriff” Ed Tom Bell. Adapted by the Coen Brothers with four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

“Highway” (2006)

McCarthy’s wild world jumps into a post-apocalyptic place that fits him like a glove. At the end of the day, it’s the same as always, surviving at any cost while maintaining minimal self-respect, pushed to the limit. Adapted from the John Hillcoat cinema, with Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee as the protagonists.

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