Literature Prize | “La outsider”, by Olga Merino, RAE Prize for Literary Creativity

Awarded the plenary session of RAE Prize of the Royal Spanish Academy of Literary Creativityin its nineteenth edition, for Olga Merino’s work “La forastera”, whose nomination was submitted by academics Mario Vargas Llosa, Jose Maria Merino, and Carme Riera.

the prize , She donated 20 thousand eurosawarded to a creative literary work that must have been published in the two years immediately preceding the award, and previously published works may not be submitted even if the new edition has been corrected and expanded.

“Alien” (faguara) It tells the story of Angie, whose existence takes place in an old family mansion, with the memory of the love that lived with the English artist in London Margaret Thatcher and with the ghosts that haunt him. An event in the area will make the protagonist have to search for ancient family secrets.

subordinate Eleven nominations Each has been accredited by at least three permanent academics from RAE or any of the corresponding academies, as well as by one of the previous call winners – four from Spain, six from US companies (those from Chile, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador) and one winner ex award.

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