Literature | “Hardy is a writer with roots, and he doesn’t disdain to be the voice of a place and some people.”

Thomas Hardy, one of the greatest novelists of his time, published his first book of poetry at the age of 58 and continued his career for more than two decades with eight volumes that are one of the most coherent and seductive propositions of the early English century. Poetry .. the twentieth century. Alba’s overture shows Hardy’s poetic splendor in “Antología & rdquor; with translation Xandro Fernandez (Toron, 1972)who states that “there is a deliberate abandonment of the narrative as a result of the criticism he received for his novel ‘Jude the Dark’, in 1895 ”.

Poetry was Hardy’s refuge when his novel was blamed for its bluntness?

– To some extent, yes. It is not that this poetic ambition appeared suddenly, but there is a deliberate abandonment of the narrative as a result of the criticism he received for his novel.presence of darkness & rdquo;in 1895. It was then that he decided to give up writing novels and focus on poetry.

What are the common elements between the novelist Hardy and the poet Hardy?

Mainly landscapes. Hardy is an author with roots, and doesn’t disdain to be the voice of a place and some people. The interrelationship seen in his fiction between landscape, architecture, and personal drama appears in many of his poems.

-You published your first book of poetry at the age of 58. Has your poetic vein come through before?

– Your first poem, or at least the first preserved, is from 1857, although you published it in 1916. And although your first book of poetry is from 1898, it includes pieces from the sixties and seventies. Some of the poems seem to have undergone a long process of rewriting, especially those collected in his first books.

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What are the most important features of your hair?

– I would say that the most striking feature is the humility and irony with which he often deals with topics such as the passage of time, death, old age, inevitability … If you compare his early poems with his later ones, what can be clearly seen is that he never stopped writing about the same things, but he took a distance that sometimes acquires a sarcastic tone, without being sarcastic.

Have you been fascinated by the sights of mist and ghosts?

– Not particularly. There are many ghosts in his verses, yes, they are a recurring character, but they do not have the function of warning, they do not come to intimidate or take revenge, they are memories, images that resist oblivion. As in the poem “Old Furniture”, where he gives an account of ghosts that arise from various objects. Or in the movie “Friends in the Afterlife” where the dead with their worldly possessions and ambitions.

What were the rural settings like? Bukolik, idealist or realistic?

– In your poems there are not exactly “rural settings”, in the sense that we can use this expression to talk about your novels, where there is actually a reconstruction of the rural world, the work of the peasants, their customs, their feelings, their sexuality … although there are memories of peasant life in some of them, Like the one titled “Sheep Show,” but in the manner of scenes that evoke contemplation of the passage of time.

Does the disaster in your novel appear in your verses?

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– dedicates a poem to the sinking of the Titanic, I think that answers your question…

Does your innate pessimism also invade your hair?

– In your poetry, a theme that comes up frequently is that of unborn children. He uses it to review the value of existence, as if he hesitates between lamenting the fate of these children or envying them, and usually chooses the second option.

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– Your love story with your wife explains many verses?

– After the death of his wife, Hardy takes a trip, which is a kind of pilgrimage, visiting the places they visited together. Many poems were born from that trip, many of them laced with guilt, for not knowing how to use the time with her. There is a kind of remorse associated with the feeling of loss, as if he was sorry that he did not love her more.

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