Lilo leaves Al Sadd and .. Will he return to City with Pep in the future?

Juan Manuel Lillo leaves Al Sadd, the club he managed in Qatar for a year. He leaves her of his own free will. It was a secret among those close to him, but the Qatari entity itself made it official on Tuesday night. “Today the coach met the players and explained his departure,” said the club’s statement, which thanks the Basques for their work.

Juanma is returning to Spain to stay for a while, although there has been speculation for a few weeks about his return as Pep Guardiola’s second in Manchester City. As MARCA was able to learn, this circumstance would certainly happen, but it would not be immediate. And this means that in a matter of days, weeks, Guanma will be … the second Pep in the English establishment, but now there are other priorities.

Let us remember that Lillo left City himself at the end of the 21-22 season and on June 17, 2022 his transfer to Al Sadd, the club, became official. With whom he could not win the league due to the multiple losses he suffered before and after the World Cup. And it is Al Sadd that contributes nearly half of its members to the Qatari national team. This was impossible in a rare season for the Qatari club due to the Qatari appointment.

Moreover, that circumstance happens Pep ran out assistants. Italian Enzo Maresca has gone to Leicester City and Rodoldo Borrell will be the new sporting director of NBA club Austin FC.

Lilo will return to town, however It will not be instant as it is said. But it will be done, among other things, because no one appreciates Joanma’s work and wisdom more than Pip. Two facts suffice: City put Lilo on a private jet to fly from Doha to Manchester for the Champions League semi-final second leg against Real Madrid. He wanted Lillo to be present, which he also did in the final against Inter. In both matches, the Basques could be seen in training before the matches.

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By the way, Al Sadd’s new coach, Portuguese Bruno Miguel.

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