Lidl’s solution for getting into bed without worrying about a cold

The cold has already arrived, but as we approach winter, temperatures are expected to drop even further. In addition, many people were caught off guard by this cold and were not sufficiently prepared, so they had to go to specialty stores or supermarkets to solve the situation. and that is Many products have appeared in supermarkets that help combat low temperaturesOne of them is this product from Lidl, which has been successful for its cheap price and quality.

And it is that the product has been sold out, both in the online store and in supermarkets, exceeding all Lidl’s sales expectations. It’s the perfect ending One of the most frequent winter problemsHow cold is it at bedtime.

That is, if you have a second residence where you spend Christmas or weekends, this is a very common problem, if you don’t usually use the bed, It’s easy to catch a cold when you go to bed, although this problem also usually occurs in our usual bedroom. This is where Lidl’s new product comes into play.

The perfect product to fight a cold

It is located at about a Electric mattress coverIts function is to warm the bed before going to sleep and thus not to feel cold when sleeping. It has a power of 60 watts which makes it heat up quickly. In addition, it has 6 temperature levels and an automatic shutdown.

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Made of breathable fabric, so that sleep is more comfortable. When you wash them, you have to put them in the washing machine on the delicate program at 30 degrees. This mattress is also designed to solve one of the most common problems, like cold feet, because it provides extra heat in that area.

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Lidl product works connected to the mains, It is 1.50 meters long and 80 cm long and costs 16.99 eurosalthough it can be difficult to find a stock of it.

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