Lidl’s new Oreo candy that’s off the shelves

The German Lidl supermarket chain was founded in the year 1930. Although it did not begin to expand until the 1970s in Germany. At the end of the eighties, it started doing it for the rest of the old continent. Lidl opened a file The first shop in Spain In 1994 in Lleida. Since then, supermarkets have been added to reach more than 600 establishments across the country.

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This supermarket chain is distinguished by its original proposals. Home appliances have always been one of their main products. Not in vain all those who come for the daily shopping They end up finding something that convinces them on the shelves where food products are not sold. But, if you are a sweet tooth, it has it Extensive catalog of sweets and sweet products that guarantees the happiness of its customers. Among the delicacies that can be found on the shelves of these establishments are Oreo fritters, which have recently been incorporated in Spain.

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As if its famous black cookies with white cream in the middle weren’t enough, the American company has expanded its recipe to other formats, cupcakes among them. So, these cupcakes covered with biscuits and filled with cream are the new adaptation they have bet on at Lidl, where cakes with the same ingredients can also be found. It should be noted that each box retails for €1.99 and includes two units.

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