Lidl lowers the price of its successful T-shirt and T-shirt vertical irons

Ironing is one of the most difficult household chores for some and for others. So much so that buying clothes that don’t wrinkle easily has become a primary goal for many people when it comes to filling their closets with new clothes. Sometimes, however, it is inevitable that some pieces need a good iron to help us look perfect and here the journey begins: take out the ironing board, assemble it, heat the iron, and position the piece of clothing perfectly to be able to. Iron it, and now yeah, to the mess. Lots of work for something that ends up wrinkling in a jiffy.

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That is why, when brands of home appliances and similar products are launched that facilitate these tasks, it is always a pleasure, moreover, if they lower their prices, the satisfaction is almost complete. Lidl, the supermarket – with an online store – has lowered its vertical and automatic irons specially designed for T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses and sweaters. Up to 30 euros less than the cost of this device today, which has risen from 99.99 euros to 69.99 euros.

Simple operation

The operation of the appliance is very simple: the clothes are hung in a good place to avoid scratches or creases – we can even place them wet for better results – and the iron is activated. At that moment, a process similar to that of a dryer will begin from within the garment itself, up to its inflation. In a few minutes it will not only dry, but will also be leveled.

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