Lidl Air Fryer | This Christmas star gift from Lidl that’s selling out

German supermarket chain “Lidl” He keeps trying You become a benchmark when it comes Hardware purchase Play at much lower prices than other brands. A goal that didn’t always go well. last january andn Commercial Court of Barcelona declared that the Monsieur Cuisine Connect kitchen robot marketed by Lidl infringes Theromix’s patent rights, which is why the supermarket chain ordered Remove all copies from the device.

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However, Lidl continues to bet on the integration of new home appliances that continue to be a success among its customers. His latest bestseller is hot air fryer It is listed on their site as a flagship product and everything points to that will become The most requested gift during this Christmas.

And theXXL hot air washer It has a power of 2150 watts for frying without the need to add oil or fat. It has an extra large basket for frying, for example, 1.4kg of French fries or a whole chicken. 10 preset programs for quick selection make it easy to use. The temperature is adjustable between 60°C and 200°C and it is dishwasher safe, but the best part is its price. It is available for 99.99 euros. Although it can no longer be found online, you still have the option of looking for it in a physical store.

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