Liddell winks in one of the most famous series in history

If something stands out LidlIn addition to the prices of its own brands, this is due to the extensive product catalog that hits its stores on a weekly basis. Items fill the store’s shelves and drawers by theme: toys, tools, sports, woodworking, etc. However, in the age of the Internet, the important thing is not just to sell quality, but to earn a good reputation in the networks. Many companies, of any kind, are betting on signing creative people who are able to create accounts that are amazing enough that users stop to take a look and, incidentally, look favorably on the brand.

The Dutch company fulfills that role in spades. Lidl frequently posts a photo on their site Official Twitter account Which, in general, is trying to create a joke based on a play on words. In this way, you are promoting many products that usually have a small discount in that week’s catalog. This is how he did these last days with Blue cheese freaks, its second unit at a 50% discount – the equivalent of 1.25 euros -. To replicate the promotion, Lidl posted a photo of the iconic couple Friends, Chandler and Monica, along with one of their products. Above both, a message that read: “Relationships Never Fail: Monica and Chandler on Friends; Price-Quality Lidl & rdquor;.”

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Lidl is a German department store chain founded in 1930. It began to spread in the seventies of the last century in Germany, and at the end of the eighties it did the same for the rest of the old continent. Its first store in Spain opened in Lleida in 1994. Since then it has more than 600 supermarkets across the country.

Since then, the supermarket chain has tried to be a little original in its proposals. In this sense, electrical appliances have become essential among their customers. It is not surprising that all those who go for their daily shopping end up finding something to satisfy themselves on the shelves where food is not sold. In this sense, Lidl brochures have become the most demanded. Who else is searching these posts for things to give for Christmas and other special dates like birthdays.

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