Lemon and vinegar | Eduardo Mendoza, without taking himself too seriously

Maybe it’s going to be a matter of reducing the volume of a lot of buzz. This “zzzzzzz” of exclamations, lies and vital information ceases to be vital at the first breath. Perhaps it will suffice to start the day with a dose of Edward Mendoza, again a few hours later and continue the ritual for the rest of the day. Perhaps this strikes us a little with his ability to analyze the stage with a certain distance and a lot of cynicism, to face problems without tearing our clothes, and, by the way, to show a little bit of his influence. Always elegant. always smiling. Even their eyes are smiling. Perhaps this is for you Secret.

If work is the mirror of the author, Mendoza is lost Humor, depth, absurdity and thoughtfulness. He has created novels of particular substance and ones so light that they pass in one gulp, to the bewilderment of those who take themselves too seriously. Both of which made him one of the greatest writers Barcelona. A city reinterpreted from a postcard and inhabited by crooks.

Yes, it would be nice to imbibe a little of the writer’s irony, his wit, his humility and his liveliness, although perhaps there are qualities that can only be combined if the moment of your birth fell into the right pot. In the case of Mendoza (Barcelona, ​​1943), it was in generous flats example.

His father was a lawyer state. His mother was the owner of a food company, but war and marriage turned her into a housewife. he, A great reader of poetry and fond of theater and bullfighting. She is intellectually disturbed and a huge lover of cinema. Young Mendoza’s cultural stimuli also extended to his maternal grandmother’s extensive library, stocked with seminal titles of novels. EnglishAnd French And Russian. From the Spanish, Marist College will be in charge.

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The author’s father thought of the future as a diplomat for his son, and law studies were the right answer to that. Mendoza studied at the University of Barcelona. During those years, he wandered in intellectual circles, writing romance serials under a pseudonym and marking some attempts literary That stayed at that, try. He finished his degree and took a long trip which took him to the country Socialists. After a few months in Barcelona, ​​he spent a year in London. Without a doubt, a defining moment in his career.

In the British capital, Mendoza had reached the level of excellence in English that would allow him to work as a translator and interpreter in the future. He experienced the creative emotion of a unique place and moment. Sixties of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Mary Quant, Dennis Hopper, Andy Warhol… Also in London, together with British and Spanish historians, made an even more surprising discovery for him: the unknown Barcelona. A city whose past has nothing to do with that dormant city shaped by Francoism.

A city of great social conflicts, of anarchists and militants, and one of the most violent cities in Europe. For years, back in Barcelona and in the spare time offered by his various jobs, his first and one of his greatest works takes shape: The truth about the Savolta case.

in 1973His partner at the time showed him an advertisement for… United nations In the newspaper: They asked for translators. Mendoza got a place in New York. He was 30 years old and exuded enthusiasm. Again, another city to discover. Before leaving, he submitted his original novel to Seix Barral Publishing. in 1975l Saint Jordi, yese published. Literature added one of the greats. His legions of readers, his translations around the world and his many prizes, from The planet, the city of Barcelona and, of course, Cervantes.

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Palaces and clubs

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Mendoza’s pages move between palaces and clubs, between tragedy and comedy. He broke literary schemes for a moment and continued in this way, walking across the various boundaries, escaping from vanity and waste. curiousityAnd Irony and humanity. Perhaps it is the same person who has accompanied him all his life Vital Path, of Love and Cities.

Since the death of her last partner, the actress Rosa’s novel, lives in London. A few years ago he announced his retirement, but the characters still won him over. And writes again. And he continues, of course, without taking himself too seriously.

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