Legal uncertainty is already hurting business investment in Spain

The combination of labor and tax measures that the Pedro Sánchez government has promoted in recent years is having a negative impact on the vision companies have towards our country. Basically, because the realization of reforms and measures adopted that affect the system of labor relations or the taxes that employers must pay do not favor employment flexibility or do not relieve the burdens that burden companies that continue to damage their balance sheets. During the past three years, an epidemic and a price crisis choked the company’s margins. These were the main conclusions drawn from the first national conference of the College of Managing Directors in Madrid held yesterday on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the profession, where the main concerns of SMEs and the self-employed were put forward in the face of a year in which the economic slowdown is expected to harm the productive fabric. And the legal uncertainty created by some of the recent government decisions could exacerbate the economic slowdown. Although the main cause of concern for hundreds of thousands of employers in Spain is the constant changes in the regulatory framework and the uncertainty of not knowing what obligations they will have to face in the coming months. “The financial legal framework requires improvements,” warned the President of the General Council of Managing Directors, ICOGAM-AEGGA, Fernando Santiago, during the opening of the conference. “It is a moral obligation. There is an administrative entanglement in which entrepreneurs, freelancers and small and medium-sized companies are trapped,” explained Fernando Santiago, stressing that Spain has become an impossible country for small and medium-sized companies and self-employed workers are expelled, “who do not raise their heads.” “We believe that at this time entrepreneurs are being pushed out by the tax framework and ‘bureaucracy’,” he sneered at the problem of the large bureaucratic burden faced by entrepreneurs, freelancers and those who want to start a business. At this point, the highest representative of managing directors praised No. Mercadona’s president, Juan Roig, is the victim of recent attacks by the purple wing of the government that accuses the businessman of being a “ruthless capitalist” and profiting from the increased cost of materials from the cousins. “Thank you very much for your courage and defense of Spanish businessmen,” he said. Losing gravity as Professor of Applied Economics, Juan Iranzo, researched the aspect of legal uncertainty during the Congress, stressing that “legal uncertainty is increasing and the rule of law is in danger.” In this sense, he warns that this circumstance is already assumed in the global environment and that foreign investment is beginning to “We are not financially attractive and we do not attract investment,” he said. Iranzo also joined the employer group’s vigorous defense before asserting that “the employer is being demonized” and that they are not guilty of evil power loss. E for the workers.

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