Laura Escanes confirms her relationship with Álvaro de Luna through a TikTok video

Last September, Laura Escanes and Risto Meguid announced their separation after seven years of relationship, five of them married and a common daughter, Roma. Something that totally surprised all his followers, who saw how they bragged on social networks about the perfect summer they had as a family.

After, after connect the influencer with different people, a few weeks ago name Alvaro de LunaA singer who could have stolen the young woman’s heart. However, they preferred not to dwell on it by letting it go, as they might just be getting to know each other. Last November, Lecturas magazine reported just that The young woman had just spent a few days on a romantic vacation in Tenerife with the singer

According to the magazineAnd the Laura Askanis and Alvaro de Luna They’ve been out for months. He demonstrates this by posting some photos of the “influencer” and the musician that leave no doubt: kisses, hugs and a good tune during the trip to the island.

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Until now, when Laura decided to isolate herself with all the rumors and confirm through a post – recently published on Instagram and TikTok – that her relationship with the singer is going from strength to strength. The influencer has uploaded a video where we can see her with Alvaro de Luna happy and To the beat of Bad Bunny with his song “Yonaguni”.: “And start 2023 well bastard.”

Despite the fact that neither of them avoided hiding the fact that they spent the end of the year with more friends, this video ended up confirming that the two were romantically involved.

lauraescanes♬ Yonaguni – Bad Bunny
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