Laura Bates: “Teenagers are radicalized by masculine ideas but as with terrorists, it’s an invisible process”

Over the Trolls, incels, and other misogynistic sub-genres who dedicate themselves to spreading their misogyny on Internet forums we tend to think of as eccentrics, four cats. teens Virgins, weak hermits, a pair of internet stalkers spouting anti-feminist insults and conspiracy theories into the wee hours of the morning from a dreary room full of empty bags of Cheetos. But according to Laura Bates, author of Men who hate women (Captain Swing, this Monday in the bookstores) We’re making a huge mistake by underestimating the real threat the Manosphere poses and how its ideology infiltrates the little ones.

Look at Andrew Tate [actualmente encarcelado en Rumanía por presuntos delitos de trata de personas y violación]his videos in which he defends rape and talks about women being grabbed by the throat and compared to dogs violate policies TikTok however they have over 12 billion views. This is more than the number of people on the planet. And Nobody does anything because it’s too profitable” , Criticize. “It is disgraceful that they enrich themselves with the hatred that affects millions of people every day.

A world divided between “Alpha Fuckers” and “Beta Bucks”

Tate is not the only case. In his essay, Bates brings up a diverse group of seemingly functional adults, respected members of his community (political actors, kids’ soccer coaches with six kids) who are later revealed to be utterly degraded minds, and violently misogynistic. the including – short for “involuntary celibate” – the last five years have won a Extraordinary impact on websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, forums, and chats With millions of users who spread their ridiculous theories. According to one of the most popular, 20% of men (the most slender) enjoy 80% of sexual relations with women. They are accused of sleeping with attractive men in their youth until they settle down and marry less handsome men they don’t really want, for the sole purpose of getting support.

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A global view of sexual emotional relationships that divide humanity between “alpha fucks” and “beta bucks” And endless subcultures like to rise (So ​​short), “ginger” (very redheads), “bald” (hopelessly bald) and a long racist subsection like “currycels” or “blackcels” or “ricecels” or “ethnic” To refer to black, Asian or Indian men who have not had the success they deserve with women for racial reasons.

Adolescent radicalization

Maximum delusion could be considered a joke were it not for the fact that it permeates much more than one thinks, especially among teenagers. Bates realized this two years ago, when in talks he gave at schools and institutes about sexism, he began interviewing Kids and teens all too familiar with the usual Manosphere conspiracy theories: If feminism is a witch hunt, the wage gap is a myth, women lie about rape, good men lose their jobs, and unskilled women take over. “There is this idea that feminism has gone too far and all these sexual ideas are being circulated in a very effective way. Parents and teachers don’t realize that. Many teens have been radicalized, but it is hard to see because it is an invisible process like the terrorists. I worry about the long-term impact of such a large-scale invasion of extremism, alert.

Why is it so hard for us to point out men who hate women? “There is a dreadful fear of dishonoring men, it terrifies us. When they are accused of something, the same argument appears: you cannot generalize & rdquo; , famous “not all men”. In Spain, last December, a woman was murdered by her partner or ex-partner every three days. It is so normal that it is almost impossible for us to believe that violence against women is extreme because it is so everyday” Indicates. “In the United States, 98% of those who perpetrate mass shootings are white men. What if that 98% had some other defining characteristic? We’ll talk about it,” he points out.

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Is misogynistic violence a form of terrorism?

“For a group to spread some kind of violence against a particular demographic to instill fear is the international definition of terrorism, and we don’t call it that.. But that’s exactly what we’re seeing: real-life acts of violence designed to instill fear and advance a specific ideology, Bates deplores. “There have been misogynistic terrorist attacks like the one against Alek Minassian in Toronto that have not been prosecuted as such. He himself has admitted that he hates women, that he wants to punish them and that 80% of his victims are women. But the police never mentioned that and he was not taken into custody. consideration when prosecuting him.

How can a woman deal with all the hate she receives online? for Bates, Women should not pay the price for misogyny. “It should be misogynists who lose access to social networks. We never talk about freedom of speech for those for whom they were kicked out of those spaces Abuse or harassment. The debate is always quite one-sided and I think the answer cannot be teaching women to stay safe online, the solution has to be to stop the harassment happening. There needs to be more regulation on the platforms, more penalties and transparency. says Bates, who thinks he is The internet we live in today is the result of algorithms designed by guys three decades ago, in the 90’s.

everyday sexism

A decade ago, at the age of 24, Laura Bates founded the project sexism every day Dedicated to collecting examples of everyday sexism. Trigger had a particularly difficult week as Bates tied up several incidents in London: She was sitting on the bus talking to her mother on the phone when a man touched her thigh without her consent (“I complained loudly and no passenger intervened or made eye contact with me,” she recalls), a stranger advanced on her and followed her home despite Bates’ repeated denials, and two construction workers made comments about her breasts in the middle of the street, in front of her, as if she wasn’t there.

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“Maybe if all this hadn’t happened in the same week, I would have continued to believe that these things happen to women and are a part of life. I didn’t tell anyone. But something made me stop and think: Why the hell is this so normal? I started talking to other women and girls and absolutely all of them told me that this happens to them every single day, on the street, at school, and at work. I was overwhelmed by the scale and severity of the problem.”

hold and more than a million testimonials After that, Bates’ life changed completely: he now receives dozens of death and rape threats every day – threats of horrific cruelty and hate that are crimes but go unpunished, protected by his “manosfera” anonymity) and needs police protection when he goes to a public place to dump a lecture. “Some days I get over 100. It’s hard. Even if you know most of them are just trying to scare you, it’s pretty scary. It’s hard & rdquo; he admits.

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