Language Conference | Stockings recreating Spain’s kings playing flamenco and Cajun at the door of the Gran Teatro Valla in Cadiz

A simple idea that has led to hundreds of sales. This week, the Kings attended an inauguration Ninth Congress of Cadiz language Which ended with an unexpected event: King Felipe VI sat in the square with Grand Theater Falla background about Play Cajun Flamenco Accompanied by Letizia, who joined her in applause as she sat on another box. A few seconds of fun and spontaneity brought the character of Kings closer to the audience and brought smiles to more than one, with a good rhythm for both.

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As a result of this event, the Sevillian company Pepe Pinreles decided to recreate the image in a stockings model. Something that might be silly at first, but it happened within a few hours hundreds of orders after going on sale before 9.95 euros.

The increased demand for this product prompted the company to notify its users that the socks will be delivered starting March 31st. A key date because it coincides with Holy Week, the moment when the Seville brothers ask custom socks with their different images the brothers.

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