LaLiga Santander: Rich and Poor

The League is like a swordsman surrounded by great swords that cut through destruction. On the one hand, they take veterans out into the desert, preventing them from giving their penultimate breath of genius here. Multiplying millions attracts them. On the other hand, towards the English fog and cold. Young talents and those who excel in the premiership are leaving, which, due to excellent financial management, achieves what

May the rest of us be stoned. A screenshot I took of La Cuatro the day before yesterday makes it painfully clear: the premier has spent $508m and LaLiga 24. Chelsea almost yawned from boredom 213. Something has to be done, I say. For example, supporting once and for all the idea of, the Premier League, one of our best assets,

Florentino Breeze


pull gold

coming from

Esteban Urreiztieta

I consider it real. Oversize, prestige or money. Finish a major league with another good football, or sink your dollars into minor walking scars from old fights. In case


I’ll be clear, I’ll stay until the body bears it. Life is long, so he has two or three years left on the borders of the Champions League glories. In case


I’d leave if another prince gave more (he was about to go to China), that’s my hand, unless he jeopardized his chance of going into the national team. If I were


I would like to retire to Madrid and then stay there and sprinkle the essence of my game as children and young people are eager to know it.

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Another ‘good year’ for Alonso

A friend told me that since she dumped her first boyfriend she has had no luck with guys. Several of them arrived but none of them curdled. Now she’s excited about a little girl, but she knows the rice is running out, and if it doesn’t come out, it’s over. Something like that happens to


. Since leaving Renault he has not had much luck with cars. Some were insincere, like McLaren with


that in the end neither one nor the other, and then came the turtle cars, and when he trod on them they were limp like mules, and some of them sick, the first time they went to the pits and they were so uncompetitive, it seemed sometimes

Peter Flintstone

Biped tender now she has a new one, young and excited, but like my friend, if it doesn’t work out, she’s missing rice.

There was isco

There are players who cease to exist, and become something else that barely resembles what they used to be. And this does not happen at the end, but in the middle of the talent deployment process. The fact is that in these cases, as with


It’s hard to tell what happened.


is another example. I’d like to be in his head to know why a genius would suddenly shrink and another player who had nothing to do with him would show up. Will it be the damned injury that melts him away? Bitter disappointment stealing your momentum? Is it an inappropriate impulse, encouraged by the environment, which goes bad and is delayed? What it must be, as in the song, no one knows, except the same player who, if he is reflected in his loneliness, must discover whether it was his fault or if it was his destiny.

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