LaLiga Santander: drought in LaLiga

heLa Liga is going through one of its worst moments in one of the most important aspects of football, namely goals. For the fourth consecutive season, LaLiga is the season with the fewest goals scored among Europe’s top five. In first-class matches, an average of 2.46 goals are scored.

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Gone are the times that Messi s Cristiano Ronaldo They terrorized opposing defenses from the Spanish teams and produced outrageous numbers. Let us remember that the Argentine has the record for goals scored in the history of the Pichichi Cup with his performance in 2011-12 where he scored 50 goals. The Portuguese, for his part, scored 48 goals in 2014-15. Those were glory days already forgotten.

On the other hand, the Bundesliga is the competition in which the most goals are seen (3.19 per game), and they just lost their best strikers. the Golden Shoe Robert Lewandowski Changed Bayern Munich to Barcelona and the Norwegian Erling Halland He said goodbye to Borussia Dortmund to go to Manchester City. And both show that they have never forgotten their success in front of goal, as they represent Pichichis in their competition.

Wonderful stage

In the 2008-09 season, the season prior to Cristiano’s arrival and in which Messi hatched in the first division, LaLiga leader, along with the Bundesliga, top five scorers. Then he came CR7 And we lived in the time of great filmmakers. Suffice it to say that up to four times, the Pichichi Cup winner has scored 40 or more goals.

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Since 2009, the number of goals has not stopped growing, and it reached its record in the Spanish League in the last fifteen seasons in the 2016-2017 season, reaching 2.96 goals per game. It was the penultimate campaign in which Cristiano and Messi coincided. In the next edition of the national championship, which was the last for the Portuguese in Real Madrid, the average decreased (2.69). But the drop in scoring has been increasing since then, and in recent seasons, the number of goals scored has gradually decreased until it reached 2.46 this season.

percent difference

Evidence of the ability to see the goal that La Liga auctioneers have shown in the past is that in the past 15 seasons, a team has scored more than a hundred goals in the top five leagues on 25 occasions.

Real Madrid topped this ranking, having surpassed 100 in eight of those fifteen seasons. Barcelona has achieved this in eight leagues. That is, La Liga, 15, the rest, 10.

The white team scored 121 goals in 38 matches in 2011-2012. His goals-per-game average of 3.18 is far from the 2.25 he signed for Ancelotti in this season.

red lantern

La Liga’s scoring collapse is underlined by the latter’s finishing in the bottom of the Big Five since the 2019-20 season.

And the worst thing is not only that the number of goals is going down, but also that the average has been stagnant in these recent editions of the league and is still at such low figures. Thus, since that campaign, the number of goals scored in first-class matches is practically the same. It does not go up or down. Since the 2019-20 season, we’ve scored two and a half goals per game, one hundred up, one hundred for a goal. And the distances in relation to its competitors are getting more and more.

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Above all, if we look at the graph and see how the numbers of others are growing progressively. Thus, the Bundesliga has not fallen below three goals per game in the past five seasons, reaching 3.21 in 2019-20, the version in which the Spanish collapse began. The Bundesliga leads the average scorers in 2022-23 thanks to 3.19 goals per game.

But it’s not just the German who has been on the rise in recent seasons. The English Premier League and Ligue 1 also see how their top scorer numbers don’t grow year on year, they remain in more than respectable numbers. The only one that has also fallen in its records is Serie A, which although it had seasons in which it competed with the Bundesliga to be first in the standings, its numbers in this season have dropped significantly, dropping from 2.87 in the season. league. Liga last to 2.61 he has at present.

Low averages

Only two teams in La Liga have more than two goals per game, not much. Real Madrid (2.25) and Barcelona (2.19) are the ones who have cleared that barrier but are far behind Bayern Munich, the most successful team in the Big Five thanks to their 3.27 goals per game. Four more teams (Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Napoli and Arsenal) are ahead of the two big teams in La Liga. The next LaLiga team in this ranking according to the average scorer of the top five teams is Girona (1.53) in 35th place.

In contrast, five Spanish teams have not reached a goal in each match so far in 2022-23. Getafe (0.94), Mallorca (0.88), Valladolid (0.76), Cadiz (0.71) and Elche (0.65) do not add more than one goal per match. The goal of the fans of these teams is more than just a prize. In the Big Five panorama, only English Wolves are in Lopetegui (0.63) and Italian Sampdoria (0.47) have the worst records. For the remainder of 2023, all that remains is for LaLiga’s top scorers to join hands and for the average scorers to rise.

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