LaLiga EA Sports: Spain is still off the podium

he The summer of 2023 did not move much in terms of signings for Spanish teams. For the fifth consecutive season, La Liga ranks last in terms of transfer spending among the five major European leagues. In this window of 2023, it is the one that has spent the least, and is even harassed by the oil money in the Saudi League.

More moderate spending

So far this summer, spending on remittances is moderate. The clubs of the five major European leagues (La Liga, English Premier League, Italian League, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga) spent 2,682 million euros on acquiring players, less than half of last season in which they reached 5,790 million in spending. The record was seen in recent years in the 2019-20 season, when the top five teams paid €6,541m in the acquisition of new players.

Prime Minister, stubborn

For another season, the Premier League has shown its financial strength and it is the competition that has spent the most money on transfers this summer of 20234. The 20 teams that make up the Premier League have already crossed 1000 million for the tenth consecutive season. The last campaign they didn’t reach that figure was in 2013-14, when they were left with €873m of spending. Of course, the 1,190 million is still far from the 3,090 they collected last season.

And the Italian league, with 457 million euros, ranks second in this ranking. The Bundesliga is fourth (403.58) and the French League 1 (395, 25) is fourth. La Liga is behind in fifth place. It spent 236.7 million euros. The Spanish league has been in the last places in terms of spending in recent years. To see the Spanish competition take the top spots, you have to go back to the 2019-20 season, when Spanish clubs racked up €1,510m in player purchases.

More than half

Real Madrid, with its €128.5m investment, represents 54.3% of the money it spends on signings in La Liga. Atletico Madrid follows in second place, but it is a far cry from the 27.7 million. Almería (12.5) completes the podium for the highest-spending teams.

The league champions, Barcelona, ​​have spent just 3.4 million and, like the vast majority of clubs, have chosen free players to strengthen their squad. Loans are the other method of obtaining soccer players that clubs use.

Moreover, five teams (Athletic, Betis, Osasuna, Rayo Vallecano and Real Sociedad) have not spent a single euro on transfers. The league exceeds the Saudi League by only 25 million, and it is a great fan leader this summer 2023.

Arsenal equals La Liga

Arsenal spent 231.6 million euros on transfers. It is the team that takes first place. Paris Saint-Germain, with 159 million, and Tottenham (136.2) complete the top three. Real Madrid is the fourth that spends the most in Europe.

Declan Rice He’s starred, so far, in Operation Stars this summer. arsenal Arteta He paid West Ham $120 million for the England midfielder. They are 17 more than the ones Real Madrid paid Borussia Dortmund for Jude Bellingham.

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