Kylie Jenner first posts on Instagram after getting sharp criticism

Kylie Jenner first posts on Instagram after getting sharp criticism

Kylie Jenner first started playing on Instagram after being heavily criticized for the chaos at the Travis Scott concert

Kylie Jenner first shares posts on her personal Instagram page after a few weeks of hiatus due to receiving sharp criticism as a result of the chaos in her lover’s concert, Travis Scott

Hollywood model and celebrity Kylie Jenner recently shared a post via her personal Instagram page. Despite looking normal, Kylie is known to have been on hiatus from Instagram for more than two months.

This was because Kylie was affected by the chaos at her lover’s concert, Travis Scott (II), which was named Astroworld. In which, the riots left 10 people dead and dozens of people injured and had to receive intensive care at the hospital.

As a result of this incident, Travis was accused of being the party responsible for the riot. Besides being a Travis show, the Texas-born rapper reportedly continued to sing even though he knew the crowd was falling and screaming for help.

That’s why Travis has been criticized for being inhuman. Not long after, Kylie also appeared with a post of condolences that she addressed to the victims of the Astroworld riots.

Unfortunately, Kylie’s feelings of regret did not get a positive response from the public. The mother of two children was even accused of not sincerely apologizing and condolences for the incident.

Kylie was later seen disappearing from a number of her social media accounts after receiving sharp public criticism. He also refused to comment on the public’s bad comments to him.

After a few weeks of disappearing, Kylie is back to sharing posts on her Instagram page. In the post, Kylie shared an old portrait of her mother Kris Jenner when she was a cover model for “Jingle Bells”.

Not to forget, Kylie then wished all her Instagram followers a Merry Christmas. “Merry Christmas,” Kylie wrote, complete with a heart emoji.

Meanwhile, fans say they are happy that Kylie has returned to Instagram. It is not yet known whether Kylie will continue to be active on Instagram or just want to share posts on the Christmas issue.

Now, Kylie is happy because she will soon welcome the birth of her second child with Travis Scott into the world. Which, the time for the birth of Stormi Webster’s sister is drawing near.,51910991.html

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