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Gone is the audible memory of the cameras of age: the click of the shutter, the rattle of the film passing by … Smartphones have practically extinguished photographic patience and sophistication, but not completely. One manufacturer, Kodak, has decided to stand alone in the market as the last supporter of traditional photography and that bet, against all odds, seems to be paying off.

in Brief tweetRochester has announced that it has begun a new contracting cycle due to the demand for traditional reels that has “soared” in recent years. At the age of smart phones And “point and shoot”, a new current against it indicates that a sector of the market wants to return to calm, patience and discovery of development.

More than 300 new employees

This unexpected jitter of a seemingly overrun production process partially disrupted the manufacturer’s plans. Although, as we noted, it has kept the reels in its product catalog alive, this sudden explosion in demand was unexpected. “Dealers keep telling us that 35mm film is disappearing from their shelves,” Nagraj Pukinkiri, Kodak’s head of traditional imaging, told Betapixel.

This executive highlighted that the company had to go from a single Monday-Friday shift dedicated to this product, to doubling down to three shifts working 24 hours a day, including weekends. Specifically, Kodak has hired 300 new employees in the past 18 months, and that doesn’t seem to be enough. because this Biology than the traditional pulley?

Material and imperfect

“This from Kodak is really very symbolic,” says Iker Morin, a photographic journalist. This expert hints at a return to the value of “physical form, imperfect aesthetics versus megapixels,” referring to the almost unbearable perfection of images captured with a modern smartphone. With the latest generation iPhone or Android, it’s almost impossible for a photo to be of poor quality, even if it’s taken on the move and almost out of focus.

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Multiple optics, algorithms and artificial intelligence do the shooter’s dirty work, producing amazing results from any shot. And now there is no waiting: you can take a photo and it will appear on your screen instantly, completely free of charge. The mention of the cost is not trivial: in the days of the reel, each development cost money and, of course, time; This forced the photographer to be a little more nimble when it came to shutter pressure, and work more on elements like framing, focus, and diaphragm speed and aperture.

“Analog Come To Stay”

“For us, it is one of the most anticipated news,” says Albert Roeg, founder of the Analog Development Carmencita Film Lab, without hiding his enthusiasm. I have consistently resisted the wave of digital like Kodak. “Our goal has always been for the industry to bring analog photography back into the spotlight, and not just on a professional level, but we really believe it is a medium that contributes a lot to the creative community and has a strong reason for being important,” he explains.

An amateur inserts a roll of photographic film into an analog camera.
An amateur inserts a roll of photographic film into an analog camera.Garcia gem

On the other hand, this passion for what classic Photography was also noted in connection with the sale of reel cameras, which were experiencing their distinctive golden age, and caused their prices to skyrocket. The industry simply wasn’t ready for this text misrepresentation and the high demand has led to a shift reflex The new theme of desire for photography enthusiasts.

Why is this going back to the old? According to Roeg, a portion of customers seek to recapture “the experience of use and the magic that medium provides. The experience that analog provides to the five senses cannot be compared to the coolness of digital or taking pictures with a mobile phone.” In the shooting process, elements such as the camera’s weight, sound, touch “and even smell” have now lost value.

“It’s like comparing a piece of solid wood furniture to another from IKEA,” says Roeg, who doesn’t hesitate to create yet another impossible-to-avoid comparison. flow, like Spotify, a format that not only continues to resist, but recorded a 22% increase in sales in the first half of the year. Will the return of the reel be a fad? “Nobody has a crystal ball, but analog formats seem to be here to stay,” Roig explains, because, in his view, “life isn’t just made up of zeros and ones.” [el código binario de la computación]”.

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