Kisses that last more than a nanosecond in the metaverse, countdowns, and WhatsApp messages: 2022 leaves us a year of bizarre rifts

  • Isabel Pressler and Mario Vargas Llosa were the latest to join the list of love endings

  • Alleged betrayals and attacks of jealousy could have been the cause of many crises

If something left us in 2022 it’s a breakup. Lots of separation. Or, at least, very popular, either because of the characters themselves or because of what they said or did to carry them out.

The last of them all fell in jet set: Isabel Pressler and Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa have just joined forces to break up after eight years of relationship. According to Hola magazine, which provided the exclusive, the Peruvian writer could have left the house of the socialite after a scene of “unfounded jealousy” (86 years old), to settle in his apartment in the center of Madrid.

The details that emerge from this rupture make the country forget a little what it was The real series of the year: The story of Tamara Falco, daughter of Isabel Ressler, with young businessman ñigo Onieva. She is also the daughter of Carlos Falco Ignore the numerous rumors of infidelity of her boyfriend then. He defended him on his Netflix reality show, Tamara Falcó: La Marquesa, in front of TV cameras, in front of all his friends and before his tough “Mami”.

But with the announcement of their engagement on September 22, the The businessman’s credibility plummeted. This weekend, after attending a wedding together, the Marquise de Griñón saw how some videos of her boyfriend kissing another were leaked in the latest edition of Burning Man, a major music event that took place in the Nevada desert (USA) just three weeks ago. One day she believed him, but the next day she had enough evidence to leave him. “You know I don’t care if it’s six seconds or nanoseconds in metaverseAs long as it’s true, it’s over,” he told her. He went home to his mother. She deleted the Instagram post that featured her white gold engagement ring and three 0.30-carat diamonds. One. Her friends proceeded to do the same with their congratulatory messages. She also went directly by calling in “Save me” to thank the show for opening her eyes. As Sandra Barenda says in “La Isla de las Tentaciones,” she had more photos of her.

Meanwhile, he asked for forgiveness and swore and swore that she was the woman of his life.. The last thing we know about the series is that she can now see Hugo Arevalo, Onieva’s ex-boyfriend. “Dirty mouse, you’re a climber, you’ve broken all codes of friendshipThe Marquess’s ex-fiancé exploded in a WhatsApp group he shares with more friends. We assume one of them will have left there already.


The latest couple to make us involved in their breakup were Aitana Ocaña and Miguel Bernardo. Not because of their indiscretions or because of the leaks, but because they had to hide as best they could in the Disney Plus show they both star in. The blessing was precisely that they were a couple in real life. So, like that, they went through sets, press rooms, radio studios, and red carpets, where they had to answer questions like where they met, what it was like working together or what deal they got on the record. Only when the news came out did many know how to decipher the gestures and messages they left in their interviews and that made it clear that this love was dead.

In 2022 we also say goodbye to the #Toelrato hashtag created by Risto Mejide for his relationship with Laura Escanes. The couple, who launched a podcast earlier this year in which they talked about themselves as husband, wife, and parents, announced in a prime-time Instagram post (that is, on Sunday afternoon) that they are separating. The most striking thing in all of this is that The presenter counts downward Stories. When the time came, it was full of sweets.

How could it be otherwise, the break also had its own hashtag (#casiToelrrato).

Before that, Twitter was filled with jokes that followed the end of another couple with an age difference: that Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone Just three months after she turned twenty-five. In this way, the pattern that a Reddit user posted was achieved, analyzing the time and emotional line that he had with each of his partners. Do not fail.

Broke up via Whatsapp

Things are as they are, it is not easy to break up with your partner when nothing serious is going on, as psychologist Angeles Sanz-Yaquet assured us, but many of us have been shocked by the fact that a 64-year-old man can He broke up with his fiancee by just two lines on WhatsApp. Justice Santiago Pedras did it with the former Marquis de Grignon, Esther Dona, and her famous paragraph: “Our relationship is impossible, we talk someday, we take care of her and we kissShe later explained to the press that she tried to contact him after reading it but was unsuccessful.

Judge Pedraz left Esther Doña on WhatsApp with a message saying: “Our relationship is impossible, we will talk one day, take care of her and accept her.”

So I decided to talk to his brother and tell him about the letter I had received. The only thing I received [por parte de Santiago Pedraz] It is another message that told me how could it occur to me to talk to his brother when he did not tell anyone anything so I do not know, and I do not understand anything. This was not the first time a National Court magistrate had used a mobile phone so as not to show his faceA year ago, he left his girlfriend through a letter from lawyer Silvia Cordoba after asking for her mother’s hand.

“things that happen & rdquor;

We also found out about the crisis of Inaki Urdangarin and Infanta Cristina when the magazine was out on January 19th %s read He posted a picture of the former Duke of Palma on the front page Hiking is loved with the Ainhoa ​​Armentiapartner in the Imaz Asociados office in Vitoria, for a beach in the French Basque Country.

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The ‘capture’ happened just a few days after the family had spent Christmas together in Vitória, where Inaki Urdangarin had settled after obtaining a Third-degree prison. In response to a question from journalists, his son Pablo wanted to downplay the matter, stressing that “It’s things that happen& rdquo;. The handball player replied to the press, “We are fine, we are all calm, we will love each other as we are and nothing else is needed.”

It could be, as it happened with Shakira and Pique relationship – One of the most famous breakups in 2022 due to his alleged infidelity and how difficult the divorce process was – he fell through The victim of monotony.

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