Kings | Philip and Letizia renovate their library in Frankfurt

Spanish publishers who feed The main cultural industry of the country, In this edition of Book fair in Frankfurt Double Medal: On the one hand, Spain is the guest of honor, and on the other hand, Philip VI organized his official visit to Germany (the first in 25 years) on the same days, so that he could inaugurate it with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The king and his wife Letizia, Attend the party open on tuesday And this Wednesday they came back first thing in the morning to quietly visit the stands publishers as well as those established by regional governments. At ten in the morning, they began the tour of Asturias. When they arrived at one in Catalonia, Patrice Texis, president of Gremi d’Editors, spent a few minutes talking to them and stressed the importance of public-private cooperation for the sale of literature abroad. He also highlighted that “more than half of editorial production in Spain” comes from Catalonia, making it sector “strength”. The Kings listened intently and nodded.

Before saying goodbye, he gave them Tixis Barcelona, ​​the city of booksAnd the From Sergio Villa Sanjuan. Gremi’s boss told them he had asked the author to dedicate it to both of them, sparking an argument between Felipe and Letizia over who would keep it. “I will keep it!” They were released at about the same time while the representatives of the stage and the large entourage that accompanied them laughed.

The one-hour visit allowed them to “revamp” their library. They left Frankfurt with 19 books and a CD as gifts. Where adventures Tom Sawyerillustrated by Antonio Llorente (Edelfives), even Frankenstein effectBy Elia Barcelo (Edibe), the latter was specifically targeting his daughter Sophia. Infanta also flew to Madrid The life and poetry of Miguel Hernandez (Edibe).

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Books by Grandis and Garcia Monteiro

At the Tusquets suite, Letizia showed an interest in a posthumous novel Almudena beige. It was given by Juan Cerezo, managing editor. I also gave him my last poems Luis Garcia Monteiro one year and three months. Philip VI interceded and suggested to his wife that he take advantage and ask the author to sign it. Garcia Montero Director of the Cervantes Institute, He was only a few meters away from them, and he was accompanying them on their visit. Letizia proved once more that she loved reading, and thanked Cerezo and replied that she had already got it, even with her devotion, and that she had read it to him.

The most curious comment among all who heard it as he walked through the Frankfurt fair, however, has more of a political background than a cultural one. As soon as they entered the suite where the Spanish pavilions were, a woman in her forties approached them and said, “I will pray for you!” she was selfie fawCommunications Director at French Éditions Emmanuel. “They have a great responsibility in front of them. It’s too complicated for them…”, he justified himself while trying to take a good picture of “the best kings of Europe”.

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