King Carlos III’s private fortune is estimated at £1,800 million

Approximately 2,000 million pounds is what the private wealth of King Carlos III is estimated to be, according to an investigation by The Guardian newspaper published on Thursday, detailing that his assets include cars, jewellery, property and investments. Horses, rare stamps and art. According to the newspaper, this is “the first comprehensive audit of the king’s assets”, ranging from “jewelry encrusted with diamonds, to paintings by Monet and Dali, Rolls-Royce” or “race horses”.

They explained that “The Cost of the Crown” is an investigation into royal wealth and finance that “seeks to overcome centuries of secrecy to better understand how the royal family is financed and to what extent its members benefit from their public functions.” Executor, who considers clarification to be in the public interest What can legitimately be called private wealthWhat concerns the British people and what is not clear between the two parties.

Twelve experts in real estate, vehicles, art and jewelry collaborated in the preparation of the series, the publication of which comes before the coronation of the king on May 6, and who concluded, for example, two sovereign properties worth about 330 million pounds sterling, excluding residences that he does not technically have, Like Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, which belong to the Crown.

However, Charles III inherited from his mother, the late Elizabeth II, Balmoral Castle, which Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, bought in the Scottish Highlands, in 1852, and where the longest-reigning British monarch, who remained on the throne for 70 years, died last . September. Added to this is Sandringham, which, according to the newspaper, was estimated “conservatively”. 250 million pounds sterling. In addition, the King did not pay inheritance tax on any of these properties due to an agreement his mother reached in 1993 with the Conservative government of then Prime Minister John Major.

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Another point is the horses. The late Queen invested large sums of money in breeding these animals, of which King Charles now owns some 70 purebreds valued at no less than £27m, far less than the 100m they could be worth, according to the opinion of four experts. , the Royal Philatelic Collection, is considered the finest philatelic collection in the world and consists of hundreds of thousands of stamps, some of which belonged to Jorge V, great-grandfather of Carlos III, who acquired them from the British Post Office as well as the colonies.

Many artworks

The artwork deserves a special mention, with pieces by famous artists such as Marc Chagall and Salvador Dalí, among many others, many of which were gifts to members of the Windsor family, such as Prince Philip, husband of Elizabeth II, an art collector as well.. who The Queen Mother. this is the last Monet bought it in Paris shortly after the Second World War, when prices were very low, for £2,000, though it might now be as high as £20m. The inquiry also estimated the value of 60 of the most important works from a list of nearly 400 objects on display in ‘private’ or ‘personal’ collections, which have a total value of £24m.

On the other hand, Queen Mary has acquired most of what now constitutes the royal family’s jewelry collection, only 54 of which will be valued at £533m.

Buckingham Palace, which had access to the investigation, did not provide any alternative statements and its sources insisted that information about the royal family’s personal finances should “remain private” like “anyone else”, while Del Rey’s spokesperson declared that “we don’t comment.” On Private Finance, he opined that the data provided by the paper “is a highly creative mixture of speculation, assumptions, and inaccuracies.”

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