“Kiev has not been subjected to such an attack since the beginning of the year”

Russia launched in the last hours 24 attack drones On Thursday, the Ukrainian Air Force announced against Ukraine, which managed to shoot down 18 of them. The attacks come hours after an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin caused a small explosion in a Moscow palace, which Russia accuses Kiev of. Ukrainian President Zelensky has already denied any involvement.

This military body said on Telegram: “The invaders shot down as many as 24 Shahed-136 / 131 attack drones (…) The Ukrainian Air Force, in cooperation with other air defense units, shot down 18 attack drones.”

Our city did not suffer Attacks of this intensity since the beginning of this year. “Tonight the aggressors launched another large-scale air strike on the capital,” Colonel-General Sergei Popko, commander of the military administration of the city of Kiev, said on the same social network.

Popko confirmed that, according to preliminary information, “the air defense forces destroyed all enemy missiles and drones over Kiev.”

And Popko confirmed that this is the third attempt to attack the capital in May.

The military official indicated that some remnants of the downed drones fell in separate areas of Kiev, without causing any injuries.

Tension after the attack on the Kremlin

The day before, Moscow had accused Kiev of trying to attack the Kremlin with drones to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, and promised a harsh response.

Ukraine has denied any involvement in such an act, and its Western allies have also disputed such accusations.

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