Kicks and kicks … 380 coaches and footballers denounced their attacks on young English football referees

And theThis weekend in the Premier League saw several controversial plays. Gianluca Scamaca’s goal was preceded by a hand that was not indicated, a possible offside in Arsenal’s first goal against Liverpool, doubts due to an offside position from Darwin Nez in the Reds match … But even Chris Kavanagh, nor Michael Oliver, The referees for these matchesThey did not feel any danger from their decisions. Contrary to what happens in the rules of English football.

A report from the English Football Association (FA) has revealed disturbing data for referees from the lower classes of English football. During the 2021/2022 season, 380 football players and coaches were penalized for attacking or threatening referees at grassroots football matches.

The investigation covers more than 1,000 encounters and penalties range from more than 100 days to eight years. The publication of the study coincides with a season in which the number of referees decreased by 24% compared to the previous season, due in part to the harassment they are subjected to, which prompted various schools to organize strikes in protest against their conditions.

At the Youth Union in Northumberland, on the Scottish border, a protest strike was organized For the treatment received by rulers who did not exceed 13/14 years in the fields.

The latest example will happen This weekend’s Merseyside Junior Leaguein Liverpool, where All matches suspended due to “improper conduct” against referees. 70 matches canceled.

The harassment is not only verbal, but also physical. a Cup final between Blackburn and Olddam Last season ended with Judgment on the ground and with him more than 20 people beat him. Last week, police arrested a 24-year-old man for attacking a referee who caused “serious injuries” in an unprofessional match between Platt Bridge and Wigan Rose.

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Blows, kicks, insults, spitting and threats are the daily life of these rulers In these competitions where players do not exceed the age of eleven several times.

“They are the parents and the coaches… they are constantly bombarding the referees as if their lives depended on winning.”. The only thing they want is to be the next Messi or the next Cristiano Ronaldo in their team because they can’t be that.” Keith Radcliffe, refereeto the British “BBC” series.

“This cannot continue like this.If you don’t stop, the rulers will be physically assaulted and there will be a national strike.”

Radcliffe insists on the need for legislation at the national level What prevents this kind of behavior and some of the suggestions that have been on the table are that there are rewards for good behavior, behavioral sessions for parents and coaches, data collection after games to identify repeat offenders and an increase in the number of advertisements against harassment from referees.

the total, In England there are about 24,000 registered judges And although the number has remained fairly stable, according to the Football Association, Every year there are people who leave her, although the harassment they are subjected to is not the only reason for this. Wanting to dedicate more time to work or family are other reasons the FA uses to explain the exodus of referees.

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