Keys to the new phase of the war in Ukraine: Russia’s goal now is Donbass

Retired Lieutenant General Pedro Petarch analyzes for ABC the keys to the first year of the war in Ukraine and the possible new phase of escalation. Especially in Donbass, the eastern region of Ukraine where the Russian military is expected to put all the meat on the grill to gain ground. “The main objective of the Russian forces is the Donbass and the corridor from Rostov-on-Don to the Crimea,” reckoned this three-star general who once commanded Eurocorps and the army’s ground forces. Related news The war in Ukraine Benchmark No. From the world’s largest plane to Mariupol theater: Six icons of war devastation Unai Mezcua More than 240 iconic sites in the country have received damage. We show how they were and how they remained after the fighting Some of the most notable For Petrich, there are three primary keys that marked the first anniversary of the Russian war in Ukraine: 1. The primary key is the American intelligence placed from the beginning in the service of Ukraine. 2. The speed with which the West reacts, from NATO countries, not only for economic sanctions, but for arms shipments and material shipments. 3. The Kremlin underestimated the Ukrainian resistance – and former workers about US intelligence and Western reaction. “I believed that in a few weeks or even days, this special military operation would put an end to Ukrainian resistance and achieve the political goal of bringing the new government to its side.” That’s when the logistical channels, vehicle transfers start to fail… More In front of the Ukrainians now, another of the big differences emphasized by retired General Petark is that «Ukraine has seen the expansion of the front because now it has to defend the entire line along the Dnieper. In addition, there is the threat posed by the entry of Belarusian forces from the north into battle. And what tanks did NATO countries promise to Ukraine? Can they tip the scales on the Ukrainian side? Heavy main battle tanks, which have been approved by the Contact Group for Ukrainian Support, will take time. I don’t think anyone is offering the most modern and practical material. Almost everyone goes for the older, and therefore less practical, less powerful ones. The Spanish case is typical. Let’s say the car is not a self-driving weapon. It has a staff that needs to be trained.”

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