Kevin McCarthy also loses on the eighth ballot to be Speaker of the House

Representative Kevin McCarthy, the presumptive leader of the Republican majority after the November election, has failed In the eighth attempt to ascend to the position of Speaker of the House of RepresentativesIt is the second in the line of succession to the president, and is responsible for approving laws and budgets. And so the rebellion of the populist wing of the Republican Party leaves the Capitol in an extraordinary three-day siege, without the Speaker of the House for the first time in a century.

McCarthy who tried to please Moderates and populistsI needed 218 votes, but twenty Republican representatives refused to support them seven times, three on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the eighth on Thursday. After all this failure, the candidate insists that he will keep trying until he gets a majority. Even the intervention of former President Donald Trump, who on Wednesday publicly asked his party to support him, did not help achieve victory.

fierce resistance

The Chamber met again on Thursday afternoon after the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions. Since the November midterms, the Republican Party has been in an unusual state turmoil and uncertainty. True, he regained control of the House of Representatives four years later, forcing Democrat Nancy Pelosi to step down from his presidency, but he had a slim majority, barely 10 seats, and was once again in the minority in the Senate.

McCarthy, the leader of the House Republican caucus, has been fighting for his political life, trying to make it through Christmas. enough votes From his group, in the face of fierce resistance from the Trumpian wing, which was threatening to put forward its candidate and voted this week for a replacement deputies.

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