Keratoconjunctivitis in dogs should be avoided with these tips so as not to complicate it

the dog like Humans They suffer from diseases just like us It affects them both physically and emotionally. Dry eye syndrome, also known as Keratoconjunctivitis Much more common in dog What we believe in. Therefore, it is very important Take to the vet to our animal at the slightest warning sign of it Receive timely treatment And don’t get complicated in the long run.

This syndromeis a problem that develops in the lacrimal region of the eye and Causes a string to be created changes in the cornea. This makes The eye can lubricate itself naturally. Although there are many symptoms of this syndrome, it is present Various problems such as age And suffer from some infections that can complicate it.

The most common symptom of the disease

  • burning: One of the most common is The constant need to scratch. This causes them to burn and they can even hurt themselves by relieving the burn.

  • redness: Since the eye does not have enough natural hydration, it is It turns red very easily.

  • Continuous blinking: last Infallible symptoms When the dog starts it to blink more frequently than usual. The result is over irritation and redness.

  • mucus: one eye or both eyes can generate Mucus discharge with or without pus.

Dry eye syndrome treatments

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he treat this syndrome It may vary depending on the file Origin of the same. If dry eyes appear result of another diseaseit is necessary to treat underlying disease to eliminate the other disease. This is what is used to combat Dry eye syndrome:

  • Special eye drops.

  • artificial tears

  • Anti-inflammatories.

  • In more advanced cases, the solution goes through a file Surgical intervention.

there is nobody concrete formula to avoid this disease, Good habits are key.

  • feed.

  • the exercise.

  • Regular visits to the vet.

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