Keep fit by walking 30 minutes a day

Going for a walk at a somewhat more intense pace than we normally do is a Great way to burn calories and resistance train. This aerobic activity is gentle on the joints and is a very fun way to exercise. If your goal is to lose weight, it is best to consult a nutritionist to guide you on the best way to do so.

How do you know if the rhythm is good? Experts say that if we can carry on a conversation without gasping for air, we are following the right rhythm. In addition, you should inhale every four steps and exhale after four more steps.

‘power walking’

This is the name given to this physical activity, and it consists of Walk briskly and intensely, but without jogging. It is very beneficial for health, as it activates blood circulation and metabolism, burns fat and works on various muscles. It is recommended to do so Three to four times a week And for a while Time 30-45 minutes. If you also want to tone your muscles, combine them with strength training.

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It is important that you use a file Suitable shoes With thin sole and angled heel, so that you can move your foot better with every step. Although it is not a common aggressive type of exercise, doing it this way can prevent most injuries.

You should also keep an extension correct position While walking and doing it with big, fast steps, thus working out as many muscles as possible. Keep your knees slightly bent when you lower your feet, and remember that one of them should always be on the floor. Enjoy walking and upper body relaxes, Accompany the arms to the rhythm of the steps you take with your feet.

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