Kanye West, to Hitler by rapping

The existential questions you ask yourself A famous rapper and billionaire Not so different from the ones we’ve all done at some point. “The plan is to drink till the pain goes away. But what’s worse, the pain or the hangover?” he sings. Kanye West – now known as Ye In Dark Fantasy & rdquo; Emphasizing that the rich also cry, or at least they also try to forget their sorrows in the tavern. Of course, sorrows with bread are less, and with millions in the bank, they pass unnoticed, though at last the hangover is the same, a bottle of Macallan Fine and Rare from 1926, a series of solysombras, one after another on zinc tape.

While in Spain we tore our clothes off because twenty years ago in Give me back my girl g men they wanted revenge on this abnormal & rdquor; fills his neck with pica powder, in the US nobody raises an eyebrow when Kanye West—that is, tells his girl that “You Could you be my black version of Kate Moss tonight?You’ll be the secretary, and I’ll be the boss. And then someone will try to convince us to stick to us.

For a rapper that must be a humiliation Nobody gets scandalized by his wordsgood old Kanye certainly envies Spain, the country that if you ever say ‘faggot’ in song they ask you to back off and you are the target of anger in the networks. Faced with the situation of coming to live in Spain such that some Podemos ministers accuse him of being macho and therefore complacent as an artist, Or raise the ceiling of his statements to to be crucified in the United StatesWest chose the second option. No one can blame him, some Chicago suburbs are much safer than counting the neighborhoods in Madrid. So he put it on, and announced it “I love the Jews, and so do the Nazis.”a phrase that could have been an equidistant sum but was not well received.

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With a hundred million records sold and “all human beings have value they bring to the table,” said the rapper. 24 Grammy Awards. If the sentence had ended here, even the most staunch believers would have printed it on T-shirts, to sell it for a piece of land in the sky, you have to see what confidence in humans this boy exudes. The problem is, Kanye/Ye just kept it up like this: “Especially Hitler & rdquo;.

He didn’t specify what Hitler would bring to the table, nor would the food be kosher, that’s for sure, but his words earned him his name. “General Antisim & rdquor;, an award not yet listed among the many he has achieved throughout his career. To prove deserving of the award, not like others who are awarded through influence, Kanye West later Deny the Holocaust He added that Hitler had little interest in him but considered him to be a “wonderful man”, “of great looks” and that he was “a great architect”, three definitions worth analyzing.

To prove deserving of the “Anti-Semite of the Year” award, he denied the Holocaust and added that he considered Hitler a “great man”.

It is not known what qualities made Hitler such a great man in his eyes The black rapper of the 21st century. It is not known what knowledge or actions would give him the title of great architect, though it is true that Mao was considered a great leader and was never even seen commanding a boat, and that Franco himself, myopic, set himself up as a watchdog for the West, tyrants would be able Reach any position even if they are talented. But that is “Great clothes & rdquor; Which seems more improvised, unless Kanye West has a weird idea about fashion and thinks that a life of baggy pants and a top hat makes one stylish.

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and that his ex-wife, Kim kardashianShe is a model businesswoman. It is not known whether the reason for their divorce was the differences when Hitler was considered a model of elegance, the fact is that West must give his ex-wife $ 200,000 a month, in addition to having to share with her the 21 real estate they owned. It’s already bad luck that they were an odd number, which makes the divorce even more difficult.

Join in “Anti-Semite of the Year” Award & rdquor; Some of the companies that had a contract with West – or with Ye – and were quick to cancel it, such as Adidas, Balenciaga, Vogue and Foot Locker (among others), did not like him very much, and we will conclude that he is a great candidate for the presidency of the United States, a position that he announced that he intends to reach to it in 2024. Donald Trump, who offered him the position of vice president, curses him. It is not strange: it assumes direct competition.

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