Juventus – Sevilla | UEFA Europa League: Navas: “I don’t know if the time is up or not, it’s a shame that he lost 0-1”

Jess Navascaptain Sevilleto evaluate the draw made by Nervionense for the Movistar Champions League microphones. Role Before Juventusin the first leg of the semi-finals European League. The Los Palacios player was upset by the action that led to a 1-1 tie, when the six minutes added by the referee to the second half had elapsed.

1-1, from the time?

“Yes, after the great game we played in a very dangerous game, we worked well and it’s a shame… I don’t know if time is up, the truth is that with the game we played we didn’t deserve this result.”

What explanation did the referee give them?

“I don’t know the truth. They scored that goal against us. It’s unfortunate that they scored the goal against us, but the team is very serious and we have to come back to keep doing good things.”

A very perfect match for Sevilla

“Yeah, we have to stick to the attitude that the team had, seriousness. It’s a shame to finish 0-1. We have to keep going and with these fans we have to go forward.”

Great first half

“The truth is that we created a lot of space and moved well. The game was very dangerous and it was a shame that they dragged us in there.”

More Juve dominance after the break

“Yes, but they didn’t have very clear chances. We were very close, we had a very dangerous game, with very good lines and we have to keep going now.”

What did Mendelibar give to Seville?

“Well I think he gave him the attitude, we leave everything on the field and that’s the way to do beautiful things.”

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90 minutes into another final

“Yes, we have a league game and then we will think about the exciting comeback that awaits us. After today’s game we have to continue with this attitude.”

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