Juventus – Sevilla | UEFA Europa League: Mendilibar: “It’s a shame they tied you up at the last minute, but we put in a great game”

theFar from being disappointed in conceding a last-minute equalizer, Jose Luis MendelbarTechnical SevilleHe leaves satisfied Turin For the image shown by his team, which, although it went from more to less, dominated the game for more than 90 minutes. In statements to the Movistar Champions League, the Basque coach confirmed that perhaps on a mental level, a draw might be better for them than a 0-1 comeback.

What do you think of the final equalizer?

“It’s a shame, with the game we played, that they equalized in the last game of the game…but hey, that’s what it is, the referee let the game go and we didn’t know how to defend or attack the corner so well. But we’re happy, I think we played Great game, we stopped Juventus at all times and sometimes we played well up front. You have to think about that, not in the last second of the game.”

Players asked that the target ran out of time

“That’s what they told me, that when the corner was taken, 10 or 15 seconds had already passed. But hey, sometimes these things happen for you and other times against you, now it’s happened, you’re gone… If we defended well or if we didn’t They score a goal, nothing will happen. Well, I think we have to be happy with the match and the result.”

Sevilla is better in the first part and Solid in the second

“The idea wasn’t just to fight back, sometimes to try to steal higher and create a dangerous opportunity for them to scare, scare them a little bit. We didn’t succeed like in the first half. They went further, their players have been more perpendicular to the wing, they hurt us there and it was difficult for us.” Theft close to the opponent’s area as we did in the first half. We defended it well at all times, but this last play made us lose that victory we had but let’s think about the positive, which is 90 minutes.”

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Was the team affected by the draw?

“No, we weren’t impressed, and I don’t know if a draw isn’t good for us, maybe you go with 0-1 thinking it’s all over, they score a goal at the start and you start to shiver. That’s how we have to go out to death, we go out to win the game, no We can absolutely speculate and that will be the clue for next week.”

Repeat the atmosphere of a Manchester United day

“Yes, that’s right. That’s what we got today and now in Sevilla, with the help of the fans, I imagine we’ll be able to last longer than we did today in this way.”

Is Lucas Ocampos injury disturbing?

“We don’t know, he just thought he was in there and loaded again. Nothing broke, but loaded again. We have to give him three or four days rest, he should cure, I’m hoping he’ll be by Thursday.”

Will Soso arrive too?

“Soso’s thing is really more difficult because it’s a muscular problem and in a week or 10 days it’s difficult to recover.”

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