Justice forces Renfe to re-run the union elections after the CSI is irregularly disqualified

union elections Renfe in Asturias It will have to be repeated due to irregularities in the announcement of the nominations. This was the conclusion of the arbitration award that the CSIF consortium disputed after being excluded from the process, and this is how the Social Court No. 6 of Oviedo ordered it to be implemented, according to documents to which ABC has access. In this way, the elections held with the knowledge of the award ruling are null and void.

The problem arose on February 15 this year. Two days earlier, the Confederation of Majorities in Public Administration CSIF had submitted its candidacy for the union elections of the Public Company of the Principality of Asturias. On that 15th, SFF-CGT filed a claim with the polling station “requesting that the CSIF nomination be temporarily not declared due to lack of accreditation as a legally constituted union recognized by the Asturian or state administration, and not recognizing the signature of all who sign and seal the eight forms For that union because the name does not match and he does not know of an official power of attorney to act on his behalf.

On the 17th of this month, the polling station made the final announcement of the nominations, excluding CSIF from the process, before which the federation submitted the mandatory claim, leaving a record of it. Subsequently, the case was submitted to an arbitral award agreed upon with the CSIF union, with the representation of lawyers José Ramón Salinas Miron and Celestino Jesús Perez Miron. “The decision of the table consists of not definitively announcing a candidacy csif By not handing over the Powers at the time of their submission “lacked legal validation given a non-existent rule covering such a requirement,” the decision document stated, noting that the Commission should have rejected CGT’s claim. Thus, the award upheld CSIF’s claim and ordered a declaration The decision of the polling station is null and this federation has entered the process … But as the affected organization denounces, Renfe has also placed the ballot boxes, spending, according to its calculations, thousands of euros a year with irregular law.

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Now, the Asturian judiciary is forcing Renfe to rerun the elections in the principality and annul those that took place, within a month.

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