Juan de Lucia, President of the Baghdad Chamber in Barcelona: “Nacho Vidal had difficulty getting his instrument to work in public”

“Girls, get dressed, we’ll take a picture before the show starts. It’s just that if I don’t warn you, you’ll be minimally naked! You can’t see breasts or anything, right?” with this question, Juani de Lucia, Queen and Head of Bagdad. This newspaper’s report began on Barcelona’s most famous stunt show venues. There, in that underground room next to the abandoned Teatre Arnau The career of Nacho Vidal began, a porn actor whose life was embodied by actor Martino Rivas in the series. NachoRecently released on ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

Much of the series was taped there a year ago, after keeping the building closed for two years due to Covid and a month before the doors reopened to coincide with Mobile World Congress. “We opened on February 26th when filming wasn’t over yet. In the morning they shot the series but at night they had to get everything out to get us in. 40 people work here,” she says proudly. Her husband’s death two years ago left her alone in front of the room where so many actors and actresses took their first steps. “I never act,” she explains, sitting in the driving chair in her office where she controls everything that happens in the different spaces of the room: there are cameras everywhere.

in the chain Peppa Charro, earthquake of Alcorcon, personifies the patron saint of Baghdad. “I don’t like the characterization very much right now, but you have to see more seasons to give an opinion,” admits Nacho Vidal, the finder.

“He came here when no one knew him. It was very clear that he liked sex and that he wanted to be a global porn personality. He was young, handsome and had a good tool,” he says, referring to his XXXL penis, famous for 25 cm, which appears in The final shot of the first act thanks to a cameo from the porn star. Nacho was into fun and sex, however The constant debauchery he portrays surprised me. I miss his positive role,” says Al-Jawani, who admits that he learned many things he didn’t know about him in that first semester.

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“Nacho had a gift,” he recalls.. His girlfriend at the time, Sarah Bernatt – a prostitute with whom he started as a couple in the porn show– He encouraged him to go to Baghdad. “I thought: this must be profitable. Shakira says. She wanted to make a profit!” Joanie laughs. She admits that the first time she saw Nacho Vidal naked, she was impressed. Beyond the size of his “tool,” he has connected it. “Nacho was a handsome, daring, open guy, which was very important. He loved to be seen.”

bet on it He and his girlfriend got down to business. First they learned some theatrical choreography to set porn scenes before moving on to the hardcore sex. “We rehearsed everything but the sexual parts because Nacho was always ready and upright. It never fails. That’s why we were so surprised that he shrunk in his first appearance.”.

And it wasn’t just that day: “Nacho had a hard time getting his gadget to work in public.” He says it took two weeks. It didn’t work out on stage, but it got past the curtain that separated him from the room and it became hard as stone. “He was getting angry,” he asked. “How could that be?” I was 22 years old and didn’t understand a thing. Al-Jawani was patient. “I trusted him and kept paying him anyway. I knew that the day his nerves stopped playing tricks on him and he made his first Displays Completed, it will open. So it was. Nacho is a sexual animal.”

Transition, the golden age

The best time in Baghdad, he says, was at the very beginning transition. “People would rather come here than go to the movies in Perpignan. Every night the line was going everywhere.” Now they are not bad either. “With my years here, I’m amazed to see how we’ve progressed. Many women come here. Sometimes, in pairs. And you see the man sitting while you go up on stage and have sex with an actor. How we’ve changed! In Baghdad the people are liberated.” They offer several passes and the tickets are not cheap: 90 euros. And every night, he says, there are those who throw themselves in for live sex.

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Al-Jawani is the regent of the essence of Baghdad. It has been open since 1975, in a place that used to be the venue for the famous vidette, La Bella Dorita. Its rules are clear: whatever happens in Baghdad stays in Baghdad. The sex in the room must be approved, he is not interested in figures that use religious and sadistic symbols, he only accepts paraphernalia to give a different touch. “I take great care of the show, I don’t have strong scenes that could hurt sensitivity,” he points out.

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Since the series was announced, he has received more requests than ever from people wanting a chance to work in Baghdad. “Every day they call more. Every day I have to turn people down because I have a staff with many artists. I have some obligations, payroll and contracts that I have to pay,” Joani explains. If someone else with a “gift” like Nacho Vidal shows up tomorrow, it’s hard for him.

He’s clearly hoping the series will bring more audiences into the room, both for those who already know it and for those who’ve never set foot in Badjad. He says he needs a little advertising because his room is a classic in the city. “People come to Barcelona for three things: the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona and Baghdad.”

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