Juan Cruz received an honor for his career during the Guadalajara International Book Fair

The tribute, given by President Vargas Llosa, is an endorsement of his “tested and prolific” career, as a journalist and literary writer

The Vargas Llosa Chair Recognize the professional work of Juan Cruz, Vice President of Prensa Ibérica, during the 36th edition of the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL), held in Mexico for the past two weeks. an endorsement of his “appreciated and plentiful” career, as well Journalist as literary writer.

For more than six decades of pristine and transparent professional service in journalism he has practiced Free, collective and independent method; for amplifying two of the most fundamental freedoms in every democracy: freedom of speech and freedom of the press; And to support him under his shoulders, in the course of the various trenches of responsibility, the courageous and sensitive job of informing the strong and diverse Spanish-speaking community, ”refers to the recognition granted during 1st Press Biennale “Truth Under Threat” held this Saturday in Guadalajara.

A life devoted to journalism and literature

Born in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) in 1948, Juan Cruz has built a long career as a journalist, writer and editor. He studied journalism and history at the University of La Laguna, and began writing for journalism at the age of thirteen for the weekly sports magazine Aire Libre. Soon after, he joined the editorial board of La Tarde and, later, El Día, a newspaper that today belongs to the Iberian press Where he grew up as a journalist. At that time he was also a correspondent in Tenerife for the newspaper La Provincia, which was precisely the embryo of the Prensa Ibérica group.

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He was one of the founders Country, in which he also carried out very diverse assignments: correspondent in London, head of Opinion, editor-in-chief of culture or assistant directorate. Until January of this year, he was associated with Grupo Prisa, where he was also Director of Editorial Coordination, Director of Communications of Grupo Santillana and Director of La Oficina del Autor.

I’ve also taken out Alfaguara editorial As a novelist, he was awarded the Benito Perez Armas Prize for Fiction in 1972, with Chronicle Nothing in pieces; Azorin Award with Oslo dream (1988) and was awarded the 2000 Canarias Prize for Literature and the National Prize for Cultural Journalism. He was also the recipient of the 2009 Comillas Prize for History, Biography and Reminiscences The Vanity Stampede Literary Life: A Personal Memory.

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has been published memory lifetimeAnd the orangeAnd the smoke imageAnd the Sand knife, barefoot boy s on the roof. from his other books calm (Stories) , Excess baggage (article), one Memory of El PaisAnd the Image of the SwedesAnd the The weight of fame Suspended storyAnd the against honesty Horizon Beach (Fate, 2004), Hopefully October Many times you asked me to tell you those years, Journalism? This job is worth living for.And the ego crowd against insultAnd the Crazy work trip to the canary islands, Mario’s memory at odd hours and always with Benedetti (from Center Publishers, 2013), endangered species s Jimmy Salinas. Publisher job.

Published in 2017 Apoplexy At the Figuara Publishing House where he published his penultimate book last year, first People, about the characters he met. His latest book was Citizen Polanco, About the businessman who promoted Country.

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