Joya Awards | When did Goyas begin to appear?

The Madrid Cinema Theater hosted Lope de Vega The first edition of Joya Awards On March 16, 1987Presented by actor Fernando Rey.

However, these awards were the beginning Two years ago at the O’ Pazo restaurant in MadridA group of film personalities were summoned by producer Alfredo Matas to discuss issues of concern to them and search for solutions. Among the participants were directors Luis Garcia Berlanga s Carlos Sauraproduction managers Marisol Butcher s Teddy Villalbareps Jose Sacristan s Sharo Lopezcompilers Pablo Gonzalez del Amo s Jose Luis Matisansscreenwriter Manuel MatjiMusic Jose NetoCinematographer Carlos Suarez and decoration Ramiro Gomez.

This meeting marked the beginning of an association that would lead to at birth Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1986.

With the Academy already established, the next thing was to create awards to honor the Spanish film sector, influenced by the Oscars in the United States or the César Awards in France. The choice of name for these awards was controversial for academics, as there was speculation that they would be called the Lumière, Buñuel or Soles awards, but it was technical director Ramiro Gómez who put it on the table. The importance and relationship of the painter Goya with cinema and the serial treatment of many of his works.

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During the first edition of these awards, awards for Best Children’s Film, Song and TV Show were excluded. This was how in The first ceremony awards were given to 16 categories.

Over the years and editions, the number of figurines has increased until the current 28th. Among the added categories are Best Production Direction, Best Special Effects, Best New Director or Best Animated Feature. In addition, original and adapted screenplays began to be awarded separately, and short films, European films, songs and documentaries were recognized.

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