Jorge Carrion: “ChatGPT4 can win literary prizes”

Jorge Carrión (Tarragona, 1976) has spent years exploring The creative possibilities of technology — and perverted, too — comes off in articles like against Amazon (2019), virus (2020) or the novel membrane (2021). Now a new rotation is marked. Publish electromagnetic field (black box), a remake to magnetic fields Written by Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault – 1919, the first work of surrealist literature -, Co-write Partially assisted chat and the chatSupported by the Estampa Workshop. It is the first literary work Arithmetic.

Q: Who writes better, the real Carrion or industrial?

R was found. Objectively speaking, what I wrote without the help of the algorithm is better, but in two years it will not be so obvious. There will be GPT5 scripts that rival those of any human being, myself included.

Q: Who can you imitate now?

R was found. The GP3 can write like Jorge Bucay, Marwán or Elvira Sastre in his dimension as a poet on Instagram. What he can’t do is Javier Marías or Ann Carson. It does not make literature, if we understand by literature a type of writing that operates on two parallel levels: the level of the signifier and the signified, the literal meaning and the metaphorical dimension. So there must be intention, awareness, irony, and algorithms still don’t get to it. And when they do, I think they’ll do it by accident.

“The GP3 can now write like Jorge Bucay, Marwán or Elvira Sastre in his dimension as a poet on Instagram”

Q: Does it give surprises?

R was found. What intrigued me most was finding flash moments of something I hadn’t thought of or imagined. Those who have followed the matches between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol say they saw the beauty in the unexpected move. Very nice details appeared in my texts. program for example He said was called Visions, a word I haven’t used in my texts and don’t know where it came from. And at the end Hermit algorithm speechremake From Breton’s poem The wandering hermit-, she got mad and started typing alphanumerically.

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Q: You were a pioneer. Marco Polo of Al-Khwarizmi Literature.

R was found. It is the great creative challenge of our time. a unknown We explore a little. Either we do it, or the content creators do influencers and programmers.

“If creators don’t explore algorithms, ‘influencers’ and programmers will”

Q: This will go further.

R was found. And very fast. James Lovelock spoke of the new age, a future in which artificial man has surpassed the natural. We are already half cyborgs, dependent on Google and Netflix, who are using artificial intelligence to shape our lives. Given that we have a bunch of science fiction fantasy, which depicts a dystopian future, let’s try to make decisions towards the harmonious coexistence of non-humans and humans.

s. The priests of artificial intelligence (AI) have signed a letter requesting that the escape be stopped.

R was found. It’s a reasonable message. We do not have the possibility to assume such profound social changes at such an accelerated pace. It may take a few years to pass between each new natural language paradigm, but it’s more symbolic than effective gesture, because what’s happening can’t be stopped.

Q: Are we heading towards an eclipse of writing and humanity?

R was found. in my version membrane I remembered that we are techno humans since forever. As a species, we are who we are because we beat fire, paint walls, and sew. Our alliance with Fire or Needle leads us to ally with AI. It is the result of our dreams. What happens is that we engage with them on a creative level, producing images, text, and music.

s. The Writers Guild of America will partner with Amnesty International. How do you see that?

R was found. Netflix already tells you all the number of minutes something needs to happen and what kind of series it needs to make in order to be successful. This idea of ​​an algorithm directing content creation was already around in the days of platforms, but there will be more to algorithmic ingenuity. It will generate 80 dialogues and a human team will correct and adapt them. We will go from being creators to being liberators (in its noblest notion).

s. data that Enter In the device you have a bias.

R was found. The most biased and damaging humans, from Adolf Hitler to Donald Trump, weren’t algorithms. Demonizing AI for its biases and not looking in the mirror is unacceptable. The problem with GPT4, 5 and all language generation neural networks is the accelerated production of fake news. But Donald Trump initiated the concept of “fake news” and promoted it on Facebook. What AI does is industrialize production.

“In the future, writers and creators in general will be like DJs.”

Q: You have two children. How do you deal with your education?

R was found. I associate them a lot with crafts, reading books, nature, bodies and things. This builds the brain on the face screens. What is interesting – and difficult – in our time is that my father lived to retirement with what he studied at the age of 16, while mathematics, today, is the highest paying profession, which will have the lowest future in six months. Less than ever, I would force a child to study what he did not want. Yes, you have to educate them about mutation, change, and adaptation so that they do it as quickly as possible when it arrives.

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Q: How do you envision the culture of the mid-21st century?

R was found. The most important feature of our time is coexistence. I imagine this literature classic will continue to exist; There will be another area, both algorithmic and hybrid, in which the writer, creator in general, is more like a DJ. You will mix the elements for your creation. Something, by the way, that Homer or Picasso would have already done, but they would go to extremes. And soon we will see some scandal.

“Soon there will be a scandal. When someone wins a prize, it’s a ‘best seller’ and they didn’t write it.”

Q: What kind of scandal?

R was found. When someone wins an award, be a best seller And he didn’t write it. GPT4 can indeed win literary prizes.

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Q: Many will want the power to be cut off.

R was found. There could be a power outage due to a solar storm or the state having to step in and take us off the internet. Anyway, we can’t keep feeding natural language models because it takes a lot of energy. It is not environmentally sustainable. And if digital crime multiplies with GPT4 and 5, justice could unravel. We will find the solution.

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