Jordi Roca makes magical Christmas ice cream using Play-Doh and unique ingredients

The famous ice cream maker and toy brand unite to champion in a very sweet way the importance of imagination and creativity at all stages of life

With the most beloved date of the year just around the corner, play doh Jordi Rocca, one of our country’s foremost chefs, has challenged us to create Christmas ice cream. A more special challenge if possible because the ice cream is made with a unique ingredient… Children’s imagination! The result of workshops conducted by the famous brand of toys with the little ones at home gave shape to a specific birthday story and a unique ice cream:

A magical combination that has a very sweet ending, as the chef creates a new ice cream inspired by the boundless imagination of boys and girls, which they formed Using modeling clay and a new ice cream truck From Play-Doh, undoubtedly one of the star gifts this Christmas.

Thus, Jordi Roca made the little ones’ creations come true Real ingredientsWith his Christmas Ice Cream suggestion, he demonstrates that everything we can imagine can become reality, resulting in unbelievable, and in this case, delicious things!

A magical and unique creation that will be available in the Rocambolesc ice cream parlors in Girona, Barcelona and Madrid, for three months, starting from December 5th. its ingredients? You’ll have to try it to find out!

The new PLAY-DOH ice cream truck

Another year, Play-Doh wants to fill Christmas with illusion and creativity, encouraging children to play, create and imagine without limits. The perfect gift for that? The new ice cream truck, with which our little artists will let their imagination run wild while having fun playing.

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The star game with Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men characters includes not only an ice cream machine, but also 27 different accessories, molds, and even an ice cream machine. class To add a touch of color and theatrical music.

Also designed with parents in mind, the ice cream van has plenty of storage space and cleans up easily when the fun is over.

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