Jordi Evol, saved by rock and roll

Jesús Salas Gordillo is from Sant Boi de Llobregat, 62 years old and has been at Renault for 47 years. All this time, he was playing drums in a lot of local amateur groups. A little over a year ago, he received a call from Jacob Carrasco, A good guitarist from Santboi with whom he has been involved in many music projects. He told me: I have a suggestion Create a new squad. But it’s about a kind of stranger: Jordi Evol. “But isn’t that the interviewer?” she asked. “Yes, but now he wants to make a band.” So you sign up. Without thinking about it too much and with no excuse but to hang out a bit, play around a bit and take a picture with Évole’.

This is how Los Niños Jesús was born, the hexagram dedicated to interpreting versions of the indisputable Spanish pop rock classics of the past four decades with which the famous journalist Jordi Evol Requena (Cornellà de Llobregat, 1974) finally made his long-awaited dream come true to sing In a rock and roll band. “When I was a kid, I was the typical kid who sings at family parties, standing on a chair and all that – Explains the creator of “Salvados” -. My big “success” was “the owner of the blue backpack”. But the teacher said to my parents “This kid has an ear” and they enrolled me in music theory at the conservatory and everything failed there. I began to fail, which frustrated me so much, and I put aside the possibility of composing music. Then I actually saw it as something out of reach, as something It would never happen. But it did.”

Make “a Pau”

Much of the responsibility that Evol, at 48 years old, decided to stand on stage with a troupe behind him, must be attributed to Pau Donis, singer of Garabi de Palo who passed away in June 2020. “To me, The last interview with Bao touched me a lot At a time in my life I needed to take off.” He told me a lot about the inexplicable magic of singing in front of an audience and encouraged me to do so. One day at a documentary screening [‘Eso que tú me das’, 2020]a lady intervened in the subsequent chat and said that she was very shy but by daring to speak in public she was “doing ‘Pau’”. That stuck with me and I thought what ‘Pau’ was like. Dare to lose the shame of singing ”.

The first move was made at a barbecue at Jacob Carrasco’s house (“At the time of the shots, he points out). “They pulled out some guitars and we started singing and at some point Jacob said,”Uncle, if you want, with some colleagues from Sant Boi and let’s start practicing& rdquo;. Those things that were said in the footage and that were never done. But it was done ”. It was done, yes, because Carrasco used the agenda and began recruiting members for the group “in the style of ‘Reservoir Dogs'”. The final lineup was completed with guitarist Javi Lopez, keyboardist Oscar Huertas and bassist Juan Carlos Patron.

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Extremeña federation members

Los Niños Jesús started out this way, as a simple excuse to share a good time of music, talk and party five on Thursday nights in the basement of Unión Extremeña de Sant Boi, a space that once hosted festivities and folklore performances and this day, due to the instability of its security measures, has been converted To a training room and warehouse. “The only condition the center has placed on us is for everyone to become a member” Jesus says, the drummer. “The president came personally to give each of us a card and for me it was a very symbolic act; Evol notes while proudly displaying the laminate rectangle that he certifies as a member of the Extremeña Federation.

It so happened that at the beginning of last summer, at a birthday party held at the place where they invited a group of friends and relatives, the band members got together and decided that It’s time to present himself in front of a “real” audience.. They contacted a manager and in a very short time they scheduled two concerts, one in Bilbao (at the BBK Festival, at least) and one in San Sebastian. And they went there, with a repertoire made up of Extremoduro, La Cabra Mecánica, Los Ronaldos, Kiko Veneno, Sabina, Platero y Tú, Estopa, Lori Meyers, C Tangana, and of course, Jarabe de Palo. “It’s something like Playlist of our lifeWhat we carry in the car. Themes that accompanied us for most of our adolescence and those that we incorporated later.

A ‘legendary’ weekend

To say that in that scenic baptism they had pirate time would be an understatement. “That weekend will be legendary for a lifetime. Great things never stopped happening, one after the other,” says Evol. They had such a great time that they were left wanting more. And they asked the manager for a tour. Well, now they have it. Sunday, 13 November, Los Niños Jesús You will start in the La 2 de Apolo room in Barcelona “We Arm the Bethlehem Tour”a journey through several Spanish cities that will, from the start, include stops in Murcia (November 25), Valencia (November 26) and Madrid (January 29).

There will be more cities, but maybe not as many as the band would like. The work obligations of some musicians who do not live off this continue. It is especially difficult to reconcile a professional schedule like that of Jordi Evol with other professions. “In a very short time we will start recording the new season of the program [‘Lo de Évole’]but, Truth is, I’d rather go bowling& rdquo;. His groupmates welcomed the recognition with laughter and applause. “The truth is that I still have a good time with the TV thing – as it continues – but it forces me to turn down concerts which are coming out which makes me angry. I hope that from April I will be able to be more liberal.”

Messi, the Pope and the robe, in that order

Seeing the enthusiasm with which the journalist shows himself while rehearsing a copy “Love, Love, Love and Enlargement of the Soul” by ExtremodoroOne wonders why he never did an interview with Rob Iniesta on his show, whom he always declared himself a huge fan of. He answers: “A man does not allow himself.” I think the legends protect themselves, and they work really well. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I like that he doesn’t give me an interview, because it seems to me that there are people like them on Olympus, beyond humans. Although after interviewing Pope Francis, this would be the logical step – he laughs -. First, Messi. Then, the Pope, and, finally, Robe’.

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It is unlikely that Rob Iniesta will appear on stage at any of Los Niños Jesús performances, but those attending the concerts for “Te Armamos el Belén Tour” You can consider that there will be luxury guests on each of the datesThis is why Evol mobile has a contact list available to very few people. “There will be many surprises, but we prefer not to announce them because we think it would be great for people who attend parties to get a gift. Although, of course, the first gift will be ours.

The rest of the musicians agree with a glimmer of hope in their eyes, and guitarist Javi López finds the perfect phrase to intensify the moment:Everything that happens to us is surreal& rdquo;.

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