John Verdon: “There is more hate in politics and society than ever before”

when John Verdon (1942) He retired after 30 years as a publicist and went to live with his wife, Naomi, in the Catskills, some mountains north of his native New York. It was she who urged him to try to publish his first crime novel, I know what you’re thinkingAnd An instant success starring, like the next seven, by Ex-cop Dave Gurney, also retired in a rural area with his wife, Madeline. During a video interview with the writer, Naomi stands by him. She does not appear on screen, but is moved by the movement of the arm of the rocking chair, by the complicit laughter she escapes when confronted with some questions and by his revelation: “It is unlikely that I ever saw my wife walking about the house armed with a shotgun, as Gurney does, but he tells me that, for reasons I do not know, he sleeps.” With a baseball bat next to his bed…”

in his last thing Not to goAnd righteous (Roca editorial, in Spanish and Catalan) Gurney does a favor for a friend of his wife and begins to investigate the possible innocence of a tennis player with highly questionable behavior who is serving a prison sentence for murder. The ex-cop ends up being threatened by a shadow killer, vilified by the sensational media and persecuted by a prosecutor for death. And their marriage is faltering.

Their relationship had always been somewhat strained, with mutual expectations unfulfilled. Madeline had hoped that when he retired he would be more of a husband and less of a detective, that he would leave that dangerous life. Hence the gun, to defend himself, but also to make him see the life that He was forced to put up with it. He hoped he could do whatever he wanted. His motive was always to discover the truth. Now he’s not only motivated by that, but by the desire to win, the bad guys. Before, he was like a sherlock holmes, rational, logical, puzzle solving; At that, it’s kind of my alter ego. But now it’s more like a file Sherlock’s work face to face with Moriarty before falling over the Reichenbach Falls,” explains Verdon, reader and fan of Canon Doyle.

The massive possession of guns in the United States is the result of fear and the legacy of the Wild West

“What I don’t like in my character is in his bravery,” the writer admits the black Angel. Although he is not shy about his fears: V.I righteous Snakes are very present, right from the wrapper. “The place we live in now they are small, but the one in the novel is the product of my fear of the cervix. Writing about them gives me a sense of control, of being in charge, and having an impact in the face of this terrible fear,” says Who, relieved with Gurney, that he plans to continue the series and not He thinks of creating a new hero.

It is noted in many of his books that there are successive books Parent-child relationships. He warns, “In this is the main theme. It begins from the father’s desperation to restore the respect of the son, but others arise, some nourishing and others destructive.” It’s also not the first time he’s criticized sensational media. “Today there is a very toxic selective choice of facts. We are faced with groups and groups that think they are right, live in their reality and end up hating each other. Today there is more hate in politics and society than there has ever been and the media is complicit in this disaster. Many media personalities have discovered that the path to success and wealth is to feed that hate.. They are only interested in generating audience and money. It is very dangerous. I don’t know the solution to stop those lies that so many people gobble up, but I’m not optimistic.

“Internet poison”

Verdon avoids the label Trump, owner False news and related mediabut answer it As Venom becomes more visible on the Internet, One of humanity’s most amazing and perhaps most dangerous inventions [con permiso, dirá en seguida, de la Inteligencia Artificial]Because it facilitates isolation between communities.

Healer Emma believes reintegration of the offender is possible. “There are many twisted people who will never be straightened out. Perhaps only when they face their own destruction can they change. Or they end up being destroyed…”. He also believes that “there are many people unjustly imprisoned. If we eliminate addicts and those with mental illnesses, they will be more empty“.

There are many twisted people who will never be straightened.

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with One million copies sold In Spain (Within a week the bookstores had already released the second edition), Back to The massive possession of weapons in the United States. “It is the result of fear. And double-edged sword. There are more misfortunes and accidents caused by weapons than the lives they save. In my country, unfortunately, we have it Wild West Legacy. We’ve seen a lot of cowboy movies to shoot and thought they were the good guys. It is part of American culture. I can’t figure out how to change it.”

Verdon says goodbye and his wife’s hand appears on the screen, greeting him with a kind gesture. As he writes in the book, the key to the couple is “companionship”.

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