Joel Robles: “If Betis had scored early and gained confidence, they could have left”

Joel RoblesEx-goalkeeper Betis who is currently defending Colors Leeds United In the Premier LeagueThis afternoon, the protagonist was in Mics Radio Marca Seville To analyze the second stage of the round of sixteen European league that verdiblancos will play tonight against Manchester United In search of a comeback after a 4-1 Old TraffordWhere he was visiting Getavense last Wednesday.

His visit to Old Trafford last week

“I used to greet my teammates, I was training at Old Trafford. I talk to them a lot, I’m up to date on everything, I know what’s going on… I watch the games because here, since the weather is bad, I have to watch a lot of TV, so” I’ve seen many games. Get out here…at most go to the movies. This is another culture, another system, going to Paseo Colne and seeing the atmosphere that doesn’t exist.”

Watch the game tonight

“Yes, the first thing one does here as soon as they arrive is put it on Spanish TV. It’s a trick some people don’t know about, but it’s a way to make you feel at home.”

The result of the first leg

“I wasn’t expecting such a wide result, but I know it’s because of United’s ability. It was a fairly complete first half for Betis, if one comes from that position it’s going to be another kind of game, I think. But they put sixth gear in.” Second half and they really deserved it. Even Claudio scored four or five goals. Now let’s see what we find in Villamarn. It’s not an easy game for anyone. Manchester must know how to manage it. You can’t go on vacation because in the elite, they can “Any team can intimidate you. And Betis, with a packed stadium and atmosphere, if things happen, they can take them out. You score early, the fans get involved, the players gain confidence and there can be an open game. But it’s going to be tough to be.”

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Pellegrini rotated

“In recent years with Manuel it has been seen, everyone in the team has played a lot of minutes, so the less common players are doing well, they are achieving their goals. It will be more a psychological match than anything else, depending on how the two teams come out. Same in the fifth minute. Betis created three chances, he created that atmosphere and they’re pushing him forward.”

Bettis is forced to take a chance

“In the tactical system it’s complicated, you have to take a little more risk. They’ll try it, take the spaces, I imagine. They won’t give up and put a 4-4-2 to fall back. But if Betis takes a risk, he’ll seek to kill the party for any loss.”

Adaptation of Ayoze Perez

“He’s a skilful player, he’s not the prototype of an excellent player, physically. These types of footballers, in the style of Betis, have easy adaptation. And Manuel, who’s already been in the prime minister and knows it, knows what’s going to happen. Find out. The performance is good, he’s playing.” , and he scored a goal…a good signing for the team.”

Irregular results for the Red Devils these days

“Here in the Premier League you can find all kinds of results. We’ve beaten Chelsea and Liverpool away from home and lost against the latter. It’s a very competitive league, every weekend you can expect any result. You watch Arsenal, it’s hard for them every once in a while and then they win five.” Consecutive matches… The good thing about Premiers is that they are very strong clubs, very competitive.”

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