Jenna Ortega, Wed the Tim Burton who stood up to Melania Trump

Tim Burtonwho was behind the classics like Edward ScissorhandsAnd the Sleepy hollow s corpse of the bridejust got off Netflix With his gothic world with the series Wednesdaya spin off From Addams family starring the troublesome eldest daughter of a terrifying clan. And the director who had Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter (his ex-wife) and Winona Ryder as fetish actors already has his new inspiration: Jenna Ortega.

At just twenty years old, the young actress was born in California (USA) and Of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent He already has many tables in Hollywood, having appeared at the age of 10 for the first time in series such as rob s CSI: New York. But the role that made her known was that of the witty Harley between brothersseries Disney Channel In it, she played the middle daughter of a large Hispanic American family who was trying to deal with the inconvenience of living with six siblings thanks to her original inventions.

Other titles he was involved in were also aimed at children, such as animation production Helen of Avalor (also from Disney, where he voiced Princess Elizabeth) and Jurassic World: Cretaceous CampAs well as the series Richie Rich. Although there is room in his curriculum for more adult products such as You are (where she played the shrewd neighbor of the protagonist), family films such as Yes day (where he puts the devoted mother played by Jennifer Garner in trouble) and comedies like Jane the VirginWhere she played the hero in her childhood. To Ortega, who appeared early last year as a writer with the book It’s all loveWe also saw her this year in the fifth installment of the hit horror movie saga Scream.

In the Tim Burton series, the actress faces a wave of murders while studying at the bizarre Nevermore Academy, where she learns to control her psychic abilities. The case will be related to a supernatural mystery involving his parents 25 years ago.

Happy with Biden’s victory

On social networks, the actress has always been very vocal when it comes to showing her political leanings and support for immigrants. “Beautiful thing in 2020! I’m so proud of America, thank you to everyone who came forward when their country needed it. This is what happens when we come together and make our voices heard. Love trumps hate time and time again,” she wrote excitedly on her Instagram profile when she finally triumphed. 2020 Joe Biden About Donald Trump in the recent election to the White House.

Some time ago, at only 15 years old, he had the guts to stand up to Melania Trump herself in the… red carpet from Radio Disney, where he wore a jacket that said, “I care and you should care too.” The dress was Zaska For the then First Lady, who, when she boarded the plane for a visit to detention centers for minor immigrants on the Mexican border, wore a trench coat (oddly, from Zara) with the phrase “Unfortunate” “I really don’t care, do I?” Discontent was in the capital networks despite the fact that the head of state, Donald TrumpHe later said that the letter was intended for the media.

I felt it was something necessary out of respect for those poor people familiesfor the pain of these fathers and Children Season. It’s something that breaks my heart. It is terrible that this is happening in this country. The message of the first lady was embarrassing, it was out of place and it was a complete lack of respect ” Ortega stated in an interview that he demanded more diverse personalities for Latino actors: “We want to have weight and we need to Leaves We perceived positively. Too often they give us the roles of maids or drug dealers and it hurts me because we are so much more than that. I want Hollywood to show it. Time to see one Latin superhero, for example. And to have papers like doctors or lawyers. Our origin shouldn’t matter, he complained sometimes.

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