Jeff Bezos pledges to donate most of his fortune before his death

Like Bill Gates before him, founder Amazon Jeff Bezos He announced that he would devote his fortune to charitable work. In an interview with CNNBezos, whose net worth exceeds 120 billion eurosHe made it clear that he plans to donate most of his wealth during his lifetime to fund the fight against climate change or other causes that can unite society in the face of political and social divisions.

An ad that may sound altruistic, but it was withheld after the massive layoffs that Amazon will do this week. As reported, the tech giant 10,000 corporate and technology employees will be laid off Logistics giant. This announcement comes to delve deeper into the technology crisis, as Twitter and Meta (owners of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) have announced massive cuts.

Jeff BezuHowever, s did not specify, in the exclusive interview with CNN, how he will make donations, or how he will choose which causes to sponsor.

He said he and his partner were “building the ability to deliver our money” before confirming this The donation will not be made upon his deathBut in life.

“Building Amazon wasn’t easy,” Bezos explained. “It took a lot of hard work, a lot of smart, hard-working colleagues…” “Discovering that charity, charity“It’s very similar,” he said.

Founder Amazon He also acknowledged that the donation will be after a process of deep reflection: «You have to think carefully And you have to have great people on the team.” If not, he considered that his goodwill could fall on deaf ears: “There are many ways in which I think you can also do ineffective things.”

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