Jeff Bezos’ Black Friday Warning: “Don’t Buy TVs, Refrigerators, or Cars”

Black Friday, the day of sales par excellence, is approaching, and with it, the number one gun of the Christmas shopping season. We all think about gifts for our loved ones, replacing a device we need or giving ourselves a whim, but according to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, this is not a good idea. In a recent interview with CNN, the entrepreneur advised to turn off the buying spigot this year due to the current economic context and, above all, to what might happen in 2023. “If you are thinking of buying a big screen TV, think again, to that money and wait to see what will happen. Same with a new refrigerator, a new car, or whatever. Just reduce the risk.” More information Notes Yes Fighting Oblivion by Ficciones, the last great video store in Madrid The reason is nothing but caution in the face of a possible recession, in the words of Bezos: “We are not in a recession yet, but it is possible To be too close.” Advice that the once richest man in the world has applied to his own company, Amazon, as he plans to lay off about 10,000 employees worldwide. It should be the biggest cut in the history of the tech giant, according to The New York Times, and one that will particularly affect Amazon Devices unit, including the Alexa voice assistant, as well as the Retail and Human Resources division.

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