Jane Birkin | Jane Birkin, the Singer Who Would Never Have Won a ‘Talent Show’

not this Jane Birkin “La Voz”, “OT” or “Eufòria” would never have won, they would never have passed the first preselection. What is this young woman trying to deal with with that stringy voice? But, without drowning us in song, he conquered Birkina using resources or most importantly: a tender executive precision, This authoritative identification with each stanza, aParents’ inability to pretend.

Nor has she been a composer (yes, a lyricist, on two of her most recent albums), but even with those shortcomings, she has given shape to a thoroughly enjoyable recording act. There are artists like this one, who are creative without being literally: There is her friend, Marianne Faithfull. Well, Charming Keys float around the character, and the scandal still reverberates, but we must not forget his noteworthy recordings after reviewing Jane Birkin in The Key to Social Lives.

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It is true that her discography was, to a large extent, a reflection of the fantasies of Serge Gainsbourg, for which she composed her most famous hits, not only from the very beginning “Jane Birkin – Serge Gainsbourg” (1969), but from the catalog already published alone, with Delicious pieces like “Ex fan des sixties” (1978) and “Baby alone in Babylon” (1983). Nobody better than her to sing genius. Abandoned, out of a sense of survival, when he had already become a degenerate “Gainsbarre”, he tried to associate with other composers, and from there other beautiful recordings came out. But he never stopped returning to Serge (The Magical Arabesque, 2002), despite his alliance with him Etienne Daho.

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After all, she loved to bring a casual vibe to her adventures. Thus she told me fifteen years ago, when I met her at her house in Paris, On Jacob Street, in the heart of Rive Gauche. The rooms are bookish with black wallpaper, antique furniture, and a weightless feel, all in contrast to her eternally light smile. She admitted that she was naive because she went to talk to Sarkozy Not to invest France in the military dictatorship of Burma, which has placed its friend Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, under house arrest, describing it as his “accidental” leap into the world of the arts. “I started doing things because someone picked me and suggested them to me.” And you couldn’t help but think about that, of course, because looking at her was the most natural thing in the world.

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