Jaime Echiguen, former head of SARP, dies at the age of 65

The former head of SARP (asset management company for restructuring banks), Jaime Eshguin, passed away on Saturday at the age of 65.

Echiguen was admitted to Ruber Hospital in Madrid for several days and died of cancer.

Etcheguyen, who was also CEO of Barclays and Bankinter, became CEO of the so-called “bad bank” in 2014. A year later he was appointed chairman, a position he held until last year when he resigned for “personal reasons”.

Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Complutense University of MadridJaime Echegoyen has over three decades of extensive experience in the national financial sector and also in large international banks, having worked for Bank of America for nine years, in the entity’s offices in New York and London.

Etchiguen started working at Bankinter in 1988 and in 2002 he was appointed CEO, a position he held until 2010. A year later he signed on as CEO of Barclays in Spain and Portugal, and in 2014 he was appointed CEO of SARP, where he lasted until mid-2010. The year is 2021, a few months before the Pedro Sánchez government takes control of the organization.

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