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In Tiktok you can find everything. The most successful viral video platform of recent times, which even became Generation Z Google, has gained some mysterious users: deep fake A celebrity while it’s done scrollSuddenly, a Hollywood actor comes out doing little dances. At first glance, he appears to be the celebrity in question. But no, it’s not him, it’s just deepAnd the Like a Lola Flores ad for the Cruzcampo brewery, starring the singer’s digital reconstruction.

One of them is Keanu Reeves, who has eight million followers on this social network. It’s not entirely clear who’s behind it, but given the similarity of the account descriptions, it looks like they’re the same ones managing the profile. Not real (Not realin English) for Australian actress Margot Robbie (1.2 million), actor Jason Statham (10.3 million) and actor who stars in the saga. twilightRobert Pattinson (930,000 followers).

It is known that behind the fictional novel by Tom Cruise (3.7 million) Chris Ohm, a Belgian expert on deep fake and visual effects, and Miles Fisher, an actor impersonator. With this combination, they make the video very credible. They are both founders of an artificial intelligence company and they show in a video how they managed to achieve imitation.

On her personal Instagram, Ume shows how she can do more deep fake With other characters, such as Justin Bieber. Regarding the celebrity’s permission to make these videos, he confirmed that he communicated (without a response) with the team representing Cruz and that if he did not agree to it, he would remove them without problems.

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The idea behind deep fake It is to make the fake videos look very realistic and this is achieved with the help of artificial intelligence. The risk involved, if instead of dancing this type of technology is used to send certain messages or create porn videos without the consent of its protagonists. There is also concern that it can be used deep To manipulate elections through fake videos of politicians or celebrities.

Thanks to the democratization of artificial intelligence, the number of deepfakes on the Internet doubled every six months between 2018 and 2020. With applications The software is increasingly easy to use, and anyone with access and a basic understanding of editing can manipulate or alter a photo or video. There are tools, some of which are free, that allow you to create them quickly and easily. Although many are not professionals and it is clearly a manipulated video, experts believe that this can be used to deceive people who use technology primarily and immaturely, such as elderly people or children. The more realistic it looks, the greater the risk of deception. According to spokespersons for Vicomtech Tech Center, it’s not the videos, In itselfDangerous: “It is the use for which they are used that you should pay attention to.”

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